How to twist to a flavorful meat analogue?

How to twist to a flavorful meat analogue?

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meat analogues
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meat analogues
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Improving the taste of your meat analogue

The global meat analogues market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% in the coming years.[1] Consumers, strongly driven by health and environmental concerns, have high expectations and strict requirements for these meat alternatives. Thus, the task of food formulators is to develop meat analogues that taste, smell, cook, and feel like meat. In other words, the product should be appealing throughout the consumer’s full experience. So every step is important, from cooking to the moment the consumer takes the first bite. However, ingredients can be both source of the flavor problem as well as the solution. At Biospringer, we help tackle this challenge with natural origin ingredients: yeast extract and yeast ingredients.

Tackle the clean label challenge with natural ingredients

To choose the right ingredients is a major challenge in crafting meat analogues. Firstly, the ingredient needs to be natural, clean label and vegan friendly. Then, it must contribute to authentic meat taste, and if possible, mask off-notes. Therefore, the manufacturers’ major challenge is to meet consumer expectations. At Biospringer, we work alongside the alternative meat sector. We find the best yeast ingredients. Our objective is to recreate a meat taste profile, mask off-notes and reduce salt, sugar, or fat. Yeast extract is a single ingredient that solves multiple issues. Moreover, it is a clean and short label ingredient.

Why yeast extract is a great ingredient?

Yeast extract is a vegan ingredient produced by fermentation. This process is well-known and environmentally friendly. It is important, as 65% of global consumers say their food choices depend on how trustworthy or minimally processed it is.[2] In fact, there is a wide range of yeast extracts, each with its own characteristics. Indeed, some add unique nuances to the taste of food, while others add umami or specific meaty notes. Our Culinary Centers can help guide you to the most effective yeast extract for your meat analogue formulation.

Biospringer Culinary Centers: the partner for success

The Biospringer Culinary Centers’ network is present in five locations: USA, China, Singapore, Brazil and France. Culinary Centers were created to support our customers with formulation of food and beverages using yeast extract. In short, our teams provide customized solutions and recommendations based on their expertise in food formulation and yeast extract.  Meanwhile, they develop example formulas. Their objective is also to demonstrate the benefits of our natural ingredients in a wide range of food applications.

Share your formulation challenge with our teams and let’s partner together

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