Yeast extract: a valuable ingredient
in food and beverage formulation

Yeast extract is a valuable ingredient and is commonly used for its wide variety of powerful taste properties in many food and beverage applications: soups and broths, sauces and dressings, snacks and seasonings, fish, meat & analogues, beverages, dairy products, sweet products, starchy goods.

Along with this diversity of applications comes many formulation and process challenges. The wide variety of yeast extract flavor profiles and properties allows unlimited clean label product formulations. It also contributes to solving important challenges:

  • Improve taste to provide flavorful recipes
  • Contribute to develop healthy formulations: reduce sugar, salt, fat
  • Mask off-notes: sweeteners, proteins
  • Comply with specific diets: organic, vegetarian, vegan


Whatever the nature of your challenge, the Biospringer Culinary Center food technologists are here to support you during product development.

Culinary Center,
partner in your success

The Biospringer Culinary Center network has been created to support our customers with formulation of food and beverage recipes using yeast extract.

They are committed to providing customized solutions and recommendations based on their strong expertise in food formulation and yeast extract.  

Our food technologists are dedicated to providing technical assistance to customers, leading to strong and reliable partnerships. They combine their knowledge of customers and their technical expertise to deliver the most appropriate solution.

They also develop formulas to demonstrate the benefits of our clean label ingredients in a wide range of food applications, for customer visits and professional exhibitions.

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Culinary Center, a local expertise

In 2017, Biospringer inaugurated the 5th Culinary Center in Singapore, strengthening its presence and customer service across the world.


The other Culinary Centers are located in Maisons-Alfort (France), Shanghai (China), Milwaukee (USA), Campinas (Brazil).

culinary centers

Taste and flavor expertise,
at the heart of our identity

Taste is at the heart of Biospringer’s identity. Our mission is to offer you yeast extract and yeast-based solutions to magnify the sensory profiles of food and beverage applications.

Sensory expertise provides key knowledge to developing products adapted to each application segment. Under the Research & Development department within the Flavor Development team, the sensory team characterizes the ingredients to support the development of solutions to meet customer expectations.

Their expertise in taste and flavor guides the development of flavorful yeast extract solutions, allowing food manufacturers to answer to major food trends: clean Label, organic, nutritional improvement, vegetarian, and more.

Taste and sensory expertise,
guiding innovation


Based in Maisons-Alfort (France), the Sensory Analysis team is strongly involved in the innovation process.


Our sensory scientists establish specific methods of analysis, according to specific international standards. They share these tools across departments and regions: supporting production, marketing, sales and quality departments to meet technical and regulatory requirements all around the world.

Looking for an expertise in yeast extract?
Partner with us!

Our ResearchCenter strives to continuously improve the range of products and production process, to insure the highest standard of product quality and performance Biospringer is known for.

A wide team of scientists is dedicated to strengthening our knowledge of yeasts and yeast extract. Combining fundamental research to applied science, our teams explore and innovate to answer today’s but also tomorrow’s challenges of the food and beverage industry. At Biospringer, we believe that collaboration with customers, as well as with universities and other partners, brings value and shortens the innovation process.

Biospringer also benefits from the expertise of Lesaffre Corporate’s Research & Development department, a team of 550 experts, for projects related to strain improvement, specific analyses and advanced processes. Since its creation in 1965, R&D has been one of the strategic pillars of Lesaffre, a group that has become a reference in producing, transforming and marketing all forms of yeast.

Strong and complementary skills

Research & Development Department

Biospringer has more than 165 years of expertise in yeast. The research and development department is dedicated to yeast and yeast derived product developments through cutting-edge research in biology and pushing their expertise in bioprocesses, fermentation and enzymology. Their competences in formulation and characterization allows  efficiency and the functionality of the products.

Sensory laboratory

The sensory analysis team characterizes the taste and other organoleptic properties of the Biospringer products. This knowledge allows innovation through diversifying or improving the product properties. Analysis methods are deployed in every region to harmonize the product characterization and answer customer requests.

Culinary Center Network

Our team of food technologists is committed to sharing their food technology and product formulation expertise to support customers in food and beverage product development. Working hand in and hand with the R&D and sensory teams, the Culinary Centers provide technical solutions to answer your needs. With one Culinary Center in each region, our food technologists consider local trends, local constraints and local culture to find solutions to meet your requests.


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