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food application

Food application

Yeast extract: a great diversity of properties, for a wide range of applications

Yeast extracts is considered as a natural origin ingredient. The taste and organoleptic properties of yeast extract are perfectly suited for all types of applications, savory and sweet. Its main benefit is taste improvement.

product formulation

Product formulation

Yeast extract: a valuable ingredient in food and beverage

Yeast extract is a valuable ingredient and is commonly used for its wide variety of powerful taste properties in many food and beverage applications.

sensory analysis

Sensory analysis

Taste and flavor expertise, at the heart of our identity

New eating habits provide interesting innovation opportunities for the food industry. The challenge then becomes developing flavorful vegetarian or vegan products and fulfilling nutritional needs. Ingenuity in formulation and innovative ingredients are needed to develop…

Advanced partnership

Advanced partnership


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