Our CSR commitments

Working together to better nourish and protect the planet

At Biospringer, we wholly embrace a sustainable approach that benefits our employees, our partners, our final consumers, the local communities in which we work and, of course, our planet.


We partner with our clients to create innovative and natural-origin ingredients from yeast fermentation that make food tastier and healthier, while being respectful of the planet and its people.


BIOSPRINGER is a trademark and it does not imply systematically that the product is organic according to EU Regulation 2018/ 848, the status of each product supplied should be checked on the technical documentation.


Our CSR policy embraces four key pillars:


Be a responsible

Participate in social development

healthy products

the environment

Our CSR vows are the very foundation on which we build our business, and our daily operations are completely aligned with our business goals


To alleviate malnutrition


To create products that are aligned with all diets, including meat-free


To promote a healthy diet


To respect the environment and to protect our planet


To promote social responsibility towards employees and local charity organizations


Our CSR commitments extend beyond Biospringer.

For over 50 years we have shared Lesaffre’s commitment:
“Working together to better nourish and protect the planet.”

We are also wholly committed to the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN).


Be a responsible employer

Quality and safety are our guiding principles. We aim to continuously improve our performance and deliver better solutions, while ensuring the safety of our employees.


Our employees are our driving force. Every individual is pivotal to our success. That’s why we are committed to creating a respectful, fulfilling and nurturing working environment that values the talents and ambitions of every employee. We value entrepreneurial spirits, innovative minds, communication and collaborative teamwork.

Equipe Biospringer

We believe that enabling career momentum and recognizing talent are essential to building an engaged workforce. We provide regular employee training programs and nurture partnerships with local schools to provide the potential for further training. We also facilitate employee access to sports venues and equipment, and allocate fair holiday and education allowance to promote health and well-being.

We are a dedicated member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), a global ethical trade membership organization that helps businesses to improve working conditions throughout the supply chain. Our plants are all SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certified.

Participate in social development

Our goal is to make a positive social, economic and educational impact at the local level.


In our subsidiaries throughout the world, our field initiatives aim to improve the standard of living for local communities by helping to provide access to education and supporting the rights and causes of local people. We actively encourage our employees to engage in local life and regional initiatives.

We are a loyal supporter of Emmaus Défi, a charitable organization for social inclusion. Launched in 2007, its mission is to fight against extreme exclusion and to enable everyone to regain a dignified place in society. We provide support, such as donating bicycles, and organizes regular events to help promote the goals of the Emmaus Movement.

We also participate in Lesaffre’s global sponsorship program, ECHO.

The charity program was created in 2019 to encourage Lesaffre subsidiaries and Business Units around the world to engage in charitable projects that support local communities and benefit local economies.

Like Lesaffre, we are also committed to promoting children’s causes around the world through on-going support for local associations and charities. And, we actively encourage our employees to engage in local life by participating in regional initiatives.

Develop healthier products

Our mission is to Create Responsible Taste. Yeast has been used for centuries to make bread, beer and wine, but our yeast-based ingredients are now being used at the forefront of food and drink innovation to create a broad range of healthy, vegan, environmentally friendly products.

As a technological innovator in developing high-quality yeast extracts and yeast-derived solutions, we are proud to develop products that prioritize a healthy lifestyle, and enable our partners to create indulgent, animal-free food and beverages that are optimized for today’s discerning consumer diets.

We provide a complete range of yeast products and specialist yeast-based ingredients that are suitable for every diet. Our products and solutions are GMO-free, clean label, vegan, and Halal- and Kosher-certified. They provide exceptional nutritional quality, enable lower salt, fat and sugar content, and provide a source of high-quality protein.

Malnutrition – and high-salt (or sodium) diets, in particular – can cause inflammation, raised blood pressure (which can lead to heart disease and stroke), and a host of other health issues.

That’s why our high-quality yeast extracts and yeast-derived solutions have been meticulously developed to provide specific flavors – meaning that end products require up to 30% less salt to create the same taste. As a result, over 150 million consumers have benefited from reduced salt intake.

Our Springer 360° Wheel of Taste provides seven vegan product ranges that offer a wide range of specific tastes – such as beef, chicken or cheese – while offering rounder, richer umami flavor, and masking undesirable flavor notes. Our objective is to help food formulators unleash their creativity – building responsible taste, brick by brick.


Furthermore, all Biospringer products are non-GMO products, and a selection of them are certified as ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’. We also ensure the quality and safety of our products by meeting external auditing standards, such as FSSC 22000, ISO 9001 and GFSI certifications.

Respect the environment

According to the UN, the population of the planet will reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. To feed this number of people within planetary limits will require a shift towards a healthier, plant-based diet, with improved agricultural and technological processes.

As a specialist in the fermentation of natural yeast and yeast-derived products, we believe that we are in a unique position to help achieve these goals.


We continuously monitor and optimize our entire production process with the aim of reducing waste, and minimizing energy and water usage.


Our production cycles use co-products and by-products wherever possible, and we return many of our own by-products to agriculture.

We also recycle the water we use, filtering and sanitizing it at local treatment facilities.

Today, Lesaffre returns 80% of the water it consumes, and we are committed to increasing this figure each year.

With over a century of experience behind us, we are in the unique position of being able to spur real change – not just in the food industry, but as a responsible business in the 21st Century.


In everything we do, on every continent around the world, we are driven by our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

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BIOSPRINGER is a trademark and it does not imply systematically that the product is organic according to EU Regulation 2018/ 848, the status of each product supplied should be checked on the technical documentation.