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Springer® Reveal

Unleash the full potential of flavor !


A full range of yeast-based ingredients to magnify the flavors of food and beverages.

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Springer® Umami

Make taste last longer!


A wide range of yeast extracts to intensify the taste of food with natural umami.

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Springer® Signature

Add that memorable touch!


The yeast extracts range that brings mouthfulness and kokumi to create conforting food.

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Yeast extract is a natural origin ingredient derived from fresh yeast. It is used by food companies and restaurants as an aromatic ingredient to design more flavorful food and beverage applications.

Taste improvement

Yeast-based ingredients are a great tool to build complete flavor profiles by intensifying and bringing out flavor notes.

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Fat reduction

Yeast extracts compensate for the reduced fat flavor sensations in various foods by adding flavors and creaminess.

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Masking off-notes

Yeast-based ingredients have unique taste properties that mask off-notes in various food and beverage applications.

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Salt reduction

Yeast extract offer intense taste properties to support the development of reduced sodium food.

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Sugar reduction

Yeast extracts intensify sweetness or allow sugar reduction by bringing specific flavor notes in foods and beverages.

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Alternative proteins

Yeast protein is a first choice ingredient to increase the protein intake without bringing undesirable aromatic notes.

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*according to ISO TS19657

We create
responsible taste

We partner with clients to create innovative and natural origin ingredients from yeast fermentation that make food tastier and healthier, while being reliable and respectful of the planet and people


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Food applications

Culinary center,
partner in your success

The Biospringer Culinary Center network has been created to support our customers with formulation of food and beverage recipes using yeast extract.


They are committed to providing customized solutions and recommendations based on their strong expertise in food formulation and yeast extract.


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