Springer ® Precursor is a unique range of yeast extracts that enables the development of roasted meaty notes during cooking reaction.

Production process mastered to reach designed product.

We have 160 years of expertise in yeast and formulation

Characterized yeast products to ensure efficiency in final application:

  • Defined amino acid profiles
  • Targeted compound content
  • 500 R&D experts dedicated to yeast products



springer precursor
Fichier 2
Precursor 101

Natural yeast extract that balances
roasted meaty flavor notes.

springer precursor
Fichier 3
Precursor 201

Natural yeast extract that gives
strong roasted white meat flavor notes.

springer precursor
Fichier 4
Precursor 301

Natural yeast extract that gives intense
and typical roasted poultry meat flavor notes.

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Research and development team

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Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to guarantee high quality standards, allowing Springer® Precursor to offer various additional benefits:

*according to ISO TS19657 

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BIOSPRINGER is a trademark and it does not imply systematically that the product is organic according to EU Regulation 2018/ 848, the status of each product supplied should be checked on the technical documentation.