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Biospringer’s mission


At Biospringer, we’re proud to be a specialist in creating food ingredients from yeast. Our mission is simple: we partner with our clients to create innovative and natural origin ingredients from yeast fermentation, helping to make food tastier and healthier while being reliable and respectful of the planet and people.


With our extensive product range, dedicated technical and scientific teams, and extensive R&D, we help our customers to develop flavorful recipes, solve specific development challenges, and create healthy and nutritionally balanced products. As a business unit of Lesaffre, Biospringer offers innovative solutions that are as relevant now as they were at our founding, back in 1872.


BIOSPRINGER is a trademark and it does not imply systematically that the product is organic according to EU Regulation 2018/ 848, the status of each product supplied should be checked on the technical documentation.


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The Biospringer’s story: 150 years of innovation

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The Biospringer story begins.
The Biospringer story begins.
Baron Maximilien de Springer built his first yeast factory in Reindorf (Austria), inventing the “Viennese process” of manufacturing yeast via the grain fermentation wort.
Two decades later, the Springer factory expanded to France.
Baron Springer and his sons purchased the Château de Réghat in Maisons-Alfort (France), transforming it into a grain distillery and pressed baker’s yeast factory, and began selling their ‘Viennese’ yeast to French bakers. As time went by, this innovative product began to be known as levure française.
Two decades later, the Springer factory expanded to France.
levures française's popularity exploded
In the years following the introduction, levures française's popularity exploded
Bakers could now shape and bake bread that tasted better, was less acidic, and which had a finer crust and softer crumb. In 1880, yeast was used outside the bakery for the first time, with the invention of yeast-enriched bouillon cubes.
Shortages during the interwar period resulted in the developement of several innovative food products.
In 1926, Springer broke the mold with the production of dried food yeast, followed a decade later by the launch of its vitamin-enriched stock concentrate.
Shortages during the interwar period resulted in the developement of several innovative food products.
A turning point in Biospringer's history
A turning point in Biospringer's history ! 1959 saw Biospringer focus its resources on developing soluble yeast extract for the food industry.
Developers were looking for ways to improve the taste and protein content of their products, due to a shortage of high-quality meat extract. Springer’s innovative methods resulted in yeast extract being designated a natural flavoring the following year, with the food industry listing it as a raw material used in the production of numerous foodstuffs.
After a century of innovation, Biospringer joined Lesaffre
Lesaffre is a key global manufacturer of baking yeast, setting the stage for a new generation of exciting developments.
After a century of innovation, Biospringer joined Lesaffre
Strasbourg factory
Strasbourg factory
Over 100 years after the Springer family purchased the Chateau de Réghat, Biospringer opened a second factory in France, this time in Strasbourg.
International expansion
Biospringer starts operating in South America with a local team in time for new millennium.
Biospringer Do Brazil
Biospringer announced a joint venture with Yi Pin Xian
In 2006, Biospringer announced a joint venture with Yi Pin Xian, China's leading yeast extract producer
The past decade has seen a wave of exciting developments and international acquisitions for Biospringer like in the United States
In 2010, Biospringer opened its first Culinary Center in its historic hometown of Maisons-Alfort, swiftly followed by its first American plant in Cedar Rapids (Wisconsin), and its first Chinese plant in Laibin (Guangxi Province).
Between 2015 and 2018, Biospringer acquired three leading actors in the yeast industry: Sungain (China), (France) and Alltech (Serbia).
2010 until now

Biospringer’s products and food applications

Introducing the 360° Wheel of taste, a complete collection of yeast products and specialist food ingredients by Biospringer.


Composed of seven key ranges destined for food and beverage formulators, Biospringer’s 360° Wheel of Taste offers a variety of tastes and benefits, from masking unpleasant flavor notes to providing specific flavors, such as beef, chicken or cheese.


This 360° Wheel is interactive!

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Springer© Reveal magnifies and strengthens flavors of foods and beverages.
Springer© Umami provides richness, fulsome flavor and persistence.
Springer® Cocoon brings mouthfulness and kokumi to food.
Springer® Signature provides a recipe with a specific flavor note.
Springer® Mask hides unpleasant aftertastes.
Springer® Precursor creates flavors that bring authentic roasted meat taste.
Springer Proteissimo™ provides yeast protein without flavor off-notes.

Each Biospringer product is designed to be used as part of a holistic approach when ideating and developing food, helping range formulators to unleash their creativity.


These food applications are supported by the Biospringer brand promise: we create responsible taste via a unique range of natural-origin products, including dried yeast, yeast proteins and natural flavors, aimed at the food and beverage industry.

Biospringer: a global team of experts

At Biospringer, we believe that working with our customers is the key to providing quality specialist food ingredients, wherever they are. With 10 manufacturing plants and 6 Culinary Centers around the world, Biospringer offers expert support that’s tailored to local markets and trends.

Biospringer worldwide presence

Do you need more information? Feel free to contact our teams!

Research & Development


Biospringer places the customer perspective at the heart of product development thanks to our Research & Development Centers and Flavor Development Departments. Drawing on Lesaffre’s 600-Research, Development and Innovation team of experts, our R&D teams are dedicated to harnessing the limitless possibilities of yeast.


Meanwhile, our expert team of Flavor Development scientists and researchers analyze and work on improving organoleptic properties of yeast ingredients.

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Culinary centers


Our Culinary Centers have a deep understanding of local requirements in terms of technology, formulations, market needs, trends and consumer preferences.


Each Culinary Center provides local clients with advice tailored to meet their specific needs via our food technologists. Their expertise offers a global view of how our products perform, both on their own and as part of the food matrix.

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Cuminary Center

Sensory Analysis


Our Sensory Analysis panels evaluate and work on improving the tastes and the other organoleptic properties of the ingredients in yeast. Composed of Biospringer employees, this team’s knowledge is used to guide innovation, inform product development and evaluate the final result in food applications.

Sensory Analysis

Biospringer is proud to be a business unit of Lesaffre, an innovative producer of active yeast worldwide and an expert in fermentation. Founded in 1853 as a family business in Northern France, Lesaffre is a key global player in fermentation for more than a century, with a 2,7 billion euros turnover, and established on all continents, counts 11,000 employees and more than 90 nationalitiess.


In close collaboration with its clients and partners, our parent company Lesaffre is committed to working with confidence to better nourish and protect the planet.

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Our sustainability commitments at Biospringer

Quality, safety and sustainability are at the heart of Biospringer’s approach to corporate social responsibility.

We’re committed to taking action on four key commitments.

Responsible employer

Being a responsible employer


At Biospringer, safety is our main priority. Our factories are externally audited to ensure we offer our customers safe, standardized and consistent products that are fully traceable…

We aim to continuously improve our performance and deliver better services and solutions in line with our customers’ requirements while guaranteeing the safety of our employees.

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Encouraging social development

Biospringer is committed to working towards a brighter future for all our employees and partners.
With the support of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), we continually assess the ethical practices of our main suppliers…

based on multiple criteria, including health and safety, environmental and labor standards. All our plants are SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certified. Meanwhile, every employee is encouraged to participate in our ECHO program, a Lesaffre-wide initiative that supports various charitable projects and donations on a local scale.

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Developing healthy products

As part of our brand promise (We create responsible taste) we’re proud to develop products that prioritise a healthy lifestyle…

e.g. reducing salt content and/or increasing protein content in recipes. We also meet industry expectations for specific dietary requirements, with our products being vegan-, kosher-, and halal-compliant.

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Respecting the environment

At Biospringer, we are committed to remaining respectful of our environment, while doing our best to better nourish and protect the planet…

Sustainability and social responsibility are guiding principles across all operations and decision makings. We use sugar industry byproducts to produce yeast and yeast derived solutions. Production processes are optimized continuously to reduce waste of by-products but also of energy and water. The by-products collected from our manufacturing facilities are returned to the fields and used as feed for cattle. We also recycle the water, sanitizing it at nearby treatment facilities

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BIOSPRINGER is a trademark and it does not imply systematically that the product is organic according to EU Regulation 2018/ 848, the status of each product supplied should be checked on the technical documentation.