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Our mission: taste & pleasure

Founded in 1872 in Paris, France, Biospringer is a historical key player and global producer of yeast extract and yeast derived ingredients.

Biospringer an expert in taste. Biospringer aims to bring taste and pleasure by providing a unique range of yeast extracts and yeast derived products including dried yeast and natural flavors, to the food and beverage industry.


With our product range and dedicated technical and scientific teams, we support customers in the development of flavorful recipes and solve specific development challenges: taste improvement, formulation of healthy and nutritionally balanced recipes and off-note masking.


Biospringer also benefits from the expertise of its parent company: Lesaffre Group, the number-one producer of active yeast worldwide and an expert in fermentation. Lesaffre Group designs and manufactures innovative solutions for Baking, Food Taste & Pleasure, Health Care and Biotechnologies.

A global presence for more proximity

biospringer worldwide

At Biospringer, we believe that proximity with customers is the key to provide quality products and services.


This is why Biospringer is present locally, worldwide.


Biospringer has 8 manufacturing plants and 5 Culinary Centers around the world to offer support wherever you are.

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Lesaffre and Bonduelle families set up an alcohol distillery in Marquette-lez-Lille (France)

1872 & 1873

Opening of Maisons-Alfort and Marcq-en-Baroeul yeast factories (France)


First use of yeast as culinary ingredient in food, in bouillon cubes


Opening of Strasbourg factory (France)


Biospringer Do Brasil, Valinhos (Brazil)


Opening of Laibin factory (China) & Cedar Rapids factory (USA)


First culinary center in Maison-Alfort (France)

2011 – 2017

4 Culinary Centers : Shanghai (China), Milwaukee (USA), Campinas (Brazil), Singapore


Aquisition of a brewer’s yeast extract plant, Strasbourg (France)


Acquisition of Alltech Yeast extract, Serbia

Our Group: Lesaffre

As a global key player in yeast and fermentation, Lesaffre develops, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for Baking, Food taste & pleasure, Health care and Biotechnology.

A family group originating in northern France in 1853 is now a multi-national and a multicultural company. Lesaffre is committed to working with confidence to better nourish and protect the planet.

In close collaboration with its clients and partners, Lesaffre employs more than 10.000 people in more than 70 subsidiaries based in about fifty countries.

Lesaffre achieves a turnover of more than 2 billion euros including over 40% on emerging markets.


→ Learn more about Lesaffre : www.lesaffre.com

Quality and safety, a top priority at Biospringer

Biospringer is a reference for high quality yeast extracts and yeast derived solutions.

Biospringer sets quality and safety at the top of its priorities making it the concern of every employee. Our quality management program meets strict requirements and is involved in each step of the process and department.


Our Quality and safety management is based on international standards to implement the best process practices:

This allows Biospringer to offer its customers safe, standardized and consistent products, while ensuring a thorough product traceability. Biospringer aims to continuously improve its performance and deliver better services and solutions in line with their customers’ requirements while insuring the safety of its employees.

With ongoing improvement and the support of an official and global association, SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), Biospringer assesses the ethical practices of its main suppliers according multiple factors such as health and safety, environment, labor standards.

All Biospringer plants are SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certified.

Sedex Biospringer

Sustainability and social responsibility, a key pillar

Biospringer, like our parent company Lesaffre, is committed to run a business respectful of its planet and its people while remaining profitable, with a goal: better nourish and protect the planet. Sustainability and social responsibility are guiding principles across all operations and decision makings.


Biospringer uses raw materials sourced from farming to produce yeast and yeast derived solutions. Production processes are optimized continuously to reduce waste of by-products but also of energy and water. The by-products collected from our manufacturing facilities are returned to the fields and used as feed for cattle. We also recycle the water, sanitizing it at nearby treatment facilities.

Lesaffre, very active on this topic, articulates its sustainability strategy according to set objectives for all three pillars:

Environmental best practices

Lesaffre dedicates 15% of its industrial investment to the protection of the environment and relies on the talents of its staff to develop good environmental practices which are then widely applied throughout the Group.

social best practices

Social best practices

The individual men and women who work in our teams have always been, and will always be, at the heart of our success. When Lesaffre establishes a presence in a region, it seeks to create a social link by promoting employment, education, training and health.


Economical best practices

Lesaffre, in conjunction with its fellow stakeholders, gives priority to the challenges of social and environmental responsibility, which are factors for innovation and sustainable growth.


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