Kokumi was first discovered in Japan in 1989 and expresses the concept of “deliciousness”. In other words, Kokumi is defined as the combination of mouthfulness, long-lasting sensation and harmony in taste.

Kokumi doesn’t actually have a taste in itself, yet this taste sensation but does intensify taste by triggering receptors on the tongue.  One of the compounds that is responsible for this kokumi sensation is a peptide – a naturally occurring amino acid. In synergy with tastes, kokumi brings richness and fullness sensations to sweet, salty and umami tastes.

Biospringer offers Springer ® Cocoon, containing naturally this specific peptide, at the source of Kokumi. 



Bring Kokumi to your food recipes with Springer® Cocoon

Thanks to its unique composition, Springer ® Cocoon is an efficient solution for developing flavorful and healthy product formulations.
In fact, Springer ® Cocoon’s yeast extracts, will balance and intensify taste profiles providing mouthfulness and smoothness sensations including sauces, processed meat, and seafood, without forgetting meat analogues and dairy products.

Through its specific taste properties and composition, Springer ® Cocoon, allows fat reduction in recipes fat can be reduced, in average,  up to 30%, without compromising the taste along with texture improvement lingering notes and smoothness sensations. This benefit of fat reduction is particularly efficient in food applications such as sauces and dairy products.  

A few examples, to illustrate Springer ® Cocoon benefits in application: 

  • In a salad dressing, allows a 30% fat reduction, provides body and maintains freshness
  • In a bechamel sauce, gives roundness and intensifies cooked flavors
  • In a cream of mushroom soup, adds creamy and rich notes.
  • And many more.

Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to guarantee high quality standards, allowing to offer various additional product benefits and certifications.


The range Springer® Cocoon is guaranteed:

*according to ISO TS19657

And also, specific to the United States:

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