Taste experts commonly represent taste as a pyramid made of 3 main building blocks. The first block is the flavor base, or base notes, the foundation of taste. Then comes the second layer of the pyramid which is the “specific flavor notes” and finally, the last layer, the “top notes”.

Let’s focus on the first layer that is fundamental when building taste. The flavor base acts as a foundation to provide the overall taste profile. Indeed, this flavor base acts synergistically with other tastes and notes to help round-off and balance overall taste to make it unique, complex, and complete.

Knowing how important flavor bases are in creating solid and deep flavor profiles, Biospringer offers a rich and complete range of yeast-based flavor bases: Springer ® Reveal, providing rich and solid building blocks.



Springer® Reveal, Biospringer’s yeast-based ingredients
to guarantee solid and complex flavor base

Indeed, the range Springer ® Reveal offers various types of yeast-based ingredients that are perfectly suitable and powerful tools to build a solid and complex flavor base to create powerful taste.

The components, naturally present in yeast, offer great taste properties that will highlight and magnify flavors in food & beverage applications without forgetting seasonings.

In other words, the yeast-based ingredients from the Springer ® Reveal range will intensify and bring harmony to taste while preserving the overall taste profile.

Supported by a strong scientific expertise, Springer ® Reveal is made of a diversity of yeast-based ingredients supporting four types of flavor bases:

Subtle flavor base

A diversity of subtle and balanced yeast extracts, to highlight a diversity of savory and sweet notes such as vanilla or chocolate notes. 

In addition, this product properties can also support sugar reduction.

A few examples, to inspire you in application:  

  • In a vegan cheese analogue, rounds out the flavor ans masks vegan protein notes
  • In a peanut butter cookie, increases salty peanut notes
  • In a chicken bouillon, highlights and strengthens the meaty notes

Savory flavor base

A range of rich yeast extracts offering savory notes and body, perfect to magnify and intensify a variety of savory notes from meaty to spicy notes, and more.

A few examples, to inspire you in application:  

  • In a chicken noodle soup, strengthens the savory flavor
  • In a cheese sauce, adds aged cheese notes

Delicate flavor carrier

An offer of dried yeasts with delicate toasted notes, efficient as flavor carrier for flavors and seasonings.

It can also contribute to texture, in some applications such as processed meats  and meat analogues

A few examples, to inspire you in application:  

  • In a liver pâté, increases creaminess and intensifies meaty notes
  • In a bacon flavor seasoning for potato chips, is an efficient flavor carrier

Savory flavor carrier

A selection of autolyzed dried yeasts that work perfectly as flavor carrier for flavor blends, seasonings and coatings.

A few examples, to inspire you in application:  

  • In a barbecue chip seasoning, intensifies meaty, savory notes
  • In a sweet and smoky meat rub, rounds and increases overall flavor

Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to guarantee high quality standards, allowing Springer ® Reveal to offer various additional benefits:

*according to ISO TS19657

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