In the 1980’s, a 5th taste was added to the list of the four common tastes of saltiness, sweetness, sourness and bitterness: umami.

Umami describes a pleasant, long-lasting, lingering along with persistent taste and literally means “delicious taste” in Japanese. It can as well be described as the taste that “spreads across” the tongue and characterized by its temporality.

In fact, this distinctive taste is brought by a specific amino acid and nucleotides.
Often associated with Asian cuisine, umami is found in many other foods like parmesan cheese, dashi, mushroom or tomatoes.

Also, umami taste offers numerous benefits in food formulation, particularly flavor improvement and salt reduction, which is a challenge for food manufacturers.
In other words, umami compensates for the loss of saltiness and maintains the flavor intensity and attractiveness of low salt products.

With a natural content of nucleotides and amino acids, Springer® Umami range of yeast extracts that are powerful in umami taste.



Springer® Umami, Biospringer’s yeast extracts range,
natural source of umami

Through its wide range of products, Springer® Umami covers a wide umami intensity scale. The umami and typical savory flavors of Springer® Umami range that will highlight and strengthen flavors to improve taste profiles of foods and beverages. Springer® Umami provides powerful umami taste bringing that lingering sensation, so specific to the 5th taste, to the overall profile.

In addition, this yeast extract range rich in natural umami contributes efficiently to salt reduction, by compensating the loss of intensity in taste when diminishing the quantity of salt in a recipe.

Moreover, these nucleotide-rich yeast extracts work well on their own or in synergy with other Biospringer products.

Springer® Umami yeast extracts are used to improve taste in numerous food applications, mainly savory applications : processed meats and seafood, meat and seafood analogues, sauces and dressings, and more.

A few examples in application, to inspire you in formulation :

  • In a  Vegan Jackfruit Meat Substitute, adds savory umami notes
  • In a reduced-salt barbecue snack seasoning, improves umami taste and brings long lasting sensations
  • And more…

Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to guarantee high quality standards, allowing Springer® Umami to offer various additional benefits:

*according to ISO TS19657 

Also specific to the United States and in organic version:

*NON-GMO certifications are available on several of the products in this range

100% water soluble and process resistant, Springer® Umami are suitable for all types and forms of applications.

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