Springer® Proteissimo™, a nutritionally balanced complete yeast protein

After several years in the spotlight, the alternative protein sector still has some way to go if it is to meet consumer needs: while their clean label expectations remain high, their texture and taste demands are paramount.


The challenge for manufacturers, therefore, is to be innovative in the provision of alternative protein sources without unwanted taste.


Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 is a yeast protein derived from natural fermentation. For formulators looking for a versatile protein for their applications: a vegan protein, complete and nutritionally balanced without unwanted off-flavors.


Yeast is naturally rich in proteins and contains all the essential amino acids. These benefits are concentrated into this unique alternative protein derived from fermentation and can be easily formulated into food products without undesirable off-notes. Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 is an animal-free protein with a high digestibility score.

Tableau Responsive
PROTEIN Springer Proteissimo 102 SOY PEA WHEAT
PDCAAS = 1 1 0.86 - 1 0.62 - 0.93 0.42 - 0.57
Springer Proteissimo 102, yeast protein benefits



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Highly malleable and easy-to-use building block for great-tasting, high-protein foods.

An innovative solution for formulators who are in search of a versatile protein for their cereals and non-animal products.

Meet your challenges with our ingredient’s benefits

Improve the nutrient profile of your application.

With a high protein content (80% +/- 5% scale*). Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 helps formulators increase protein with a complete amino acid profile. *+/- 5% scale based on average results obtained to date – These values are given for indicative purposes only.

Use a true vegan protein alternative flexible and easy-to-use

Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 does not bring off notes and has a limited impact on the color of the end products.

Use environmentally friendly ingredients

A fermentation-derived ingredient that is seasonally and harvest independent with an upcycle profile and limited carbon footprint.

Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 applies to
a wide range of food applications.

food applications

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Biospringer Culinary Center experts help your with your food formulations

Biospringer experts support you in your food formulations.


The mission of Biospringer’s Culinary Center is to help our customers with formulation of food recipes to introduce our yeast protein.

This exclusive service is committed to providing customized solutions and recommendations based on our strong expertise in food formulation and yeast ingredients.

Some benefits provided by Biospringer’s yeast protein

Our food engineers have compared yeast protein with other vegetable proteins available on the market in several trials for different types of food applications.

Here are the advantages* that we can recommend to you when comparing taste, color and texture.

Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 Yeast protein cheese analogues applications


May give depth to the mouth* / fruity notes*; melting properties

Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 Yeast protein Meat analogues applications


Improve nutritional profile without undesirable off-notes*

Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 Yeast protein cereals bar applications


Protein source and no off-notes.

*These preliminary indications, derived from in-house testing, are intended to help you evaluate our product on application segments. We do not guarantee the actual results on your formulations: technical tests are necessary, and our Culinary Center teams can assist you in this process.

With Springer® Proteissimo™ 102, give your formulations a sustainable and nutritious option

As an ingredient derived from yeast fermentation, yeast protein follows a virtuous cycle of production: it’s made from raw materials from other industries, and its own by-products are used for other activities.


Unlike animal or plant proteins, yeast requires less space and natural resources to grow. They also provide a more stable supply because they don’t depend on harvests or seasons.

Why you need to choose yeast protein in your formulations?

  • A protein coming from fermentation, a natural process
  • Contains a high protein content with balanced amino acids profile
  • Has an excellent digestibility score
  • Is suitable for all types of diet (Vegan, vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Gluten-free)
  • Is a sustainable protein source

Do you want to learn more about Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 ?

What our experts say

BIOSPRINGER is a trademark and it does not imply systematically that the product is organic according to EU Regulation 2018/ 848, the status of each product supplied should be checked on the technical documentation.