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What does Biospringer produce?

Biospringer produces a full range of natural yeast ingredients, including dried inactive yeasts, baker’s and brewer’s yeast extracts and Yeast based flavors.

What is yeast extract?

Yeast extract is a natural ingredient made from baker’s or brewer’s yeasts, the same yeasts used to bake bread and brew beer. Yeast extract results in the breakdown of yeast cells under the action of heat and naturally present enzymes. The cell walls, insoluble, are separated from the water-soluble components: the yeast extract. With its powerful taste properties, Yeast extract is widely used to improve food taste.

What is autolyzed yeast extract?

Simply put, “autolyzed” is nothing more than the term used for the natural process of making yeast extract. It’s not as mysterious as it may sound. There are 3 main simple steps to make yeast extract:

  1. Fermentation of the yeast
  2. Breakage induces a solubilisation of the yeast cell content by using heat and the enzymes naturally present in the yeast cell. This is known by the scientific term of autolysis.
  3. Separation of the tasty components from the yeast cell walls thru centrifugation and washing actions.

Every yeast extract go through this simple process.

Where can I find more information about yeast extract?

Please, find information about yeast extract on :

What are the benefits of using yeast extracts?

Yeast extract, a natural origin ingredient, has powerful taste properties that are recognized worldwide and widely used in food and beverage applications, sweet and savory. Yeast extract improves taste by bringing balance, intensifying notes, adding Umami, specific flavor notes and more. These taste properties can also be the answer to developing  recipes low in salt, in sugar or in fat without compromising the taste. They can also be a valuable tool for masking  certain off-notes.

What type of yeast do you use?

Biospringer uses natural baker’s and brewer’s yeasts to produce its yeast based ingredients.

Can I use the claim “Natural” when adding Yeast extract?

Yeast is a living organism, on Earth for millions of years. Yeast extract, derived from yeast, is considered as a natural origin ingredient. Its production involves three physical and enzymatic steps, recognized as natural processes.

The “natural” claim is subject to national regulation therefore we recommend you address your local regulatory department.

Under EU regulation 1334/2008/EC Article 3, 2, (d), yeast extracts and dried autolyzed yeast are considered as flavoring preparations, therefore can be declared and labeled as yeast extract or natural flavorings (Article 16, 2).
In Canada, our product meet the natural status as per the Chapter 4.7 of Canadian Food Labeling & Advertising.

For further information, please contact our offices closest to you

How do you ensure the quality and safety of your products?

We follow strict HACCP procedures to ensure the highest quality of all of our products.

Our QA systems meet the highest international standards for quality, health and safety in food products: GFSI-BRC (USA), ISO 22000 (CHINA), ISO 9001 (France), FSSC 22000 (France, Brazil and China), GMP B2 (France), GMA Safe (France), etc. In addition, our plants are SEDEX / SMETA certified for ethical trade.

Food Good Manufacturing Practices are implemented in all our production sites. Every product batches are analyzed (sensory, microbiological, chemical and physical tests) to be release and shipped.

Is yeast extract vegetarian or vegan?

Yes, yeast extract is animal free. Biospringer’s yeast extracts are vegetarian and vegan suitable ingredients

Does yeast extract contain gluten?

Our baker’s yeast extracts are free from gluten. Some of our production sites are gluten-free certified using 3 party certifications. The brewer’s yeast extracts, however, originating from beer and thus cereals such as barley, may contain residual gluten. Gluten declaration and gluten-free status depend on local regulation. Please refer to local regulation.

What is glutamate?

Glutamate is the anionic form of glutamic acid, an amino acid naturally present in human body and essential to its function. It is naturally present in yeast but also in many other foods such as parmesan cheese, tomatoes, peas or mushrooms.

What is the difference between MSG and Yeast extract?

MSG is a 100% glutamate salt, a pure molecule, and does not have a flavor on its own. Yeast extract does contain glutamic acid typically around 5%. As mentioned previously, many other foods such as tomatoes, peas, and parmesan cheese contain glutamic acid, at levels higher than in yeast extract.

Can yeast extract reduce salt?

Yes, Biospringer offers several products that can support salt reduction up to 40 percent in food formulations. The taste properties of our products, Springer 2000, for example, compensate for the loss of saltiness and maintains the flavor intensity and attractiveness of low salt products.

In what types of food applications is yeast extract used?

Our yeast ingredients can be used in any type of food or beverage application from soups, sauces, ready meals, to processed meats, meat analogs, snacks, seasonings, dairy products, baked goods, and more.

Are your products Kosher and Halal certified?

Yes, Biospringer products are Kosher and Halal-certified. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Are your products organic certified?

Yes, Biospringer offers an organic range, ECOCERT (FR-BIO-01) and NOP certified.

For more information, feel free to contact us.


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