Meet Stephanie Prouty, Customer Service Manager at Biospringer North America

Meet Stephanie Prouty, Customer Service Manager at Biospringer North America

Meet our Expert Stephanie Prouty, Customer Service Manager at Biospringer North America. Stephanie answered our questions about her work and missions at Biospringer:

What is your background and how did you end up at Biospringer?

I did many different things before arriving here. I was working in sales for a food distributor and I found out it was not really my thing. I liked working with the customers, but I did not like the sales aspect of it. What I liked was helping the customers & getting their reaction of satisfaction. This is how I ended up in Customer Service, in the food industry.
Prior to that I was in printing and graphic arts. It is very different. Once you are in the food industry, you stay in the food industry. Food make people happy!
In 2013, Lesaffre came calling for me – my background in Customer Service was interesting for the Group. I knew the company from the Red Star logo, but that was all…

And how did you like it when you arrived?

Lesaffre wore me down until I accepted! I came here & I directly loved the atmosphere and the people. The offices were moving from Canada to here, and so everything was to be done. I hired my own team, and we did a big cleanup of processes.
Also, with the new factory, we stopped sourcing from France and started to ship from here. It had a real impact on the customers satisfaction, as it helped a lot with timing, but also for the local pride.
At the beginning, we didn’t feel customer centric at all – but we have worked on it and we are becoming more and more customer focused.
With all of it, it’s been 5 years and it feels like it’s been only one!

What is important in your job at Customer Service for you?

The most important thing for our clients is that we treat them special. We have a 24 hours maximum to acknowledge an order, and customers find it easy to contact us.
We have built these relationships with our customers little by little. They say that our customer service is superior, compare to other vendors. They might get a cheaper price, but the service we provide is more important to them.
It’s a great thing to hear and we take pride in it!

Did you know yeast extract before?

I had no idea that yeast extract existed before. I learned what it is and I think it’s just crazy!
And I became the supertaster here in Biospringer North America. I work for our Culinary Center: when they have something new, I taste it and tell them what’s good…I like doing that, it’s the fun part of the job!

Do you recommend Biospringer as a company?

I am always recommending Biospringer as a great place to work. I have worked for other companies and I have seen other atmospheres. But here it feels like a family company, it’s a good group and we all get along!


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