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Our Research center strives to continuously improve the range of products and production process, to insure the highest standard of product quality and performance Biospringer is known for.

A wide team of scientists is dedicated to strengthening our knowledge of yeasts and yeast extract. Combining fundamental research to applied science, our teams explore and innovate to answer today’s but also tomorrow’s challenges of the food and beverage industry. At Biospringer, we believe that collaboration with customers, as well as with universities and other partners, brings value and fastens the innovation process.

Biospringer also benefits from the expertise of Lesaffre Corporate’s Research & Development department, a team of 550 experts, for projects related to strain improvement, specific analyses and advanced processes. Since its creation in 1965, R&D has been one of the strategic pillars of Lesaffre, a group that has become a reference in producing, transforming and marketing all forms of yeast.

Strong and complementary skills

Research & Development Department

Biospringer has more than 165 years of expertise in yeast and yeast expert. The research and development department is dedicated to yeast and yeast derived product developments, by leading cutting-edge research in biology and pushing further their expertise in bioprocesses, fermentation and enzymology. Their competences in formulation and characterization allows to improve the efficiency and the functionalities of the products.

Sensory laboratory

The sensory analysis team characterizes the taste and other organoleptic properties of the Biospringer products. This knowledge allows to guide innovation in diversifying or improving the product properties. The methods of analysis are deployed in every region to harmonize the product characterization, and answering accurately to customer requests.

Culinary Center Network

Our team of food technologists is committed to share their food technology and product formulation expertise to support the customers in food and beverages product development. Working hand in and hand with the R&D and sensory teams, the Culinary Centers provide you with the most relevant technical solution to answer your need. With one Culinary Center in each region, our food technologists consider local trends, local constraints and local culture to formulate and meet your requests.


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