The 360° Wheel of Taste as part of our new brand identity

The 360° Wheel of Taste as part of our new brand identity

For us at Biospringer, 2021 marks an exciting turning point in our history and brand story as a whole. We’ve been leading the way in innovation for over 150 years, but this year, we’re going a step further. As part of our commitment to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, we’ve reinvented our brand identity from A to Z. It includes a comprehensive restructuring of our range of yeast products in order to offer more clarity for our consumers.

Creating responsible taste: Biospringer’s brand promise

This exciting development is part of our brand’s global mission: to create responsible taste. Today, we’re proud to introduce our restructured range of products. It offers a complete range of features and benefits encompassed by our 360° Wheel of Taste. It also offers a comprehensive look at our family of yeast products and yeast derivatives. Our new streamlined product portfolio is strongly inspired by our brand promise: “We create responsible taste”.

Biospringer: a mission founded on innovation

A natural process used for thousands of years, fermentation is almost limitless in its possibilities. We work alongside our clients to explore the very best of what this unique process has to offer. It goes from developing innovative production methods to recycling byproducts from the sugar industry, as well as byproducts of the yeast itself. Biospringer’s brand mission is simple. “We partner with our clients to create innovative and natural origin ingredients from yeast fermentation. We help to make food tastier and healthier while being reliable and respectful of the planet and people.”

At the heart of this mission, our priority remains taste – the main building block in all of our products, innovations and technologies. At Biospringer, we help to create healthier food by providing solutions to reduce salt, sugar and fat. We also improve taste, provide proteins, and boost flavors. All of this is possible thanks to the expertise of our teams and Lesaffre, whose 150 years of experience are at the core of what we do.

Introducing the 360° wheel of taste

To provide better clarity for our customers, we restructured our existing ranges of yeast products and yeast derivatives. This is in order to place the focus on the benefits that each distinct range brings when developing food and beverage products. Each of our product ranges are as complementary as they are diverse. This is nowhere better illustrated than in our 360° Wheel of Taste.


For a closer look at each element of the wheel, we encourage you to visit their product page.

To brings out specific flavor components, we have developed Springer® Reveal.

Then, Springer® Umami provides rounder, richer umami flavors.

As for Springer® Cocoon, it brings an improved mouthfeel and kokumi to food.

Springer® Signature highlights a signature note or flavor in your recipe.

To hide certain unpleasant aftertastes, we have created Springer® Mask.

Also, Springer® Precursor creates flavors for an authentic roasted meat taste.

Finally, Springer Proteissimo™ provides yeast protein without any flavor off-notes.

This seven-product vegan ranges offer a wide range of tastes and benefits. Indeed, it goes from masking unpleasant flavor notes to providing specific flavors, such as beef, chicken or cheese. They’re designed to be used when ideating and developing food. The objective is to  help range formulators to unleash their creativity – building responsible taste, brick by brick.

Innovation and development: Biospringer, a key global player

Of course, this diverse range of benefits is possible thanks to the strong expertise in yeast fermentation-based ingredients and continuous innovation that you’ve come to expect from Biospringer. Since joining forces with Lesaffre in 1972, Biospringer has gone on to expand to Europe, South America, Asia and North America. Today, Biospringer remains a key player in the fermentation industry with over 1000 employees worldwide, with a focus on innovation, development and responsibility.

Biospringer places the customer perspective at the heart of product development with our Research & Development Centers and Flavor Development Departments. Our R&D teams are dedicated to harnessing the limitless possibilities of yeast. Meanwhile, our expert team of Flavor Development scientists and researchers analyze and work on improving organoleptic properties of yeast ingredients.

The Sensory Analysis panels

The Sensory Analysis panels analyze and work on improving the tastes and the other organoleptic properties of the ingredients in yeast. Composed of Biospringer employees, this team’s knowledge is used to guide innovation, inform product development and evaluate the final result in food applications.

The Culinary Centers

Another unique strategic tool for our customers: Biospringer’s network of five Culinary Centers. They are based in the USA, China, France, Singapore and Brazil. They provide clients with technical support in working with our yeast products. Our Culinary Centers have a deep understanding of local requirements in terms of technology, formulations, market needs, trends and consumer preferences. Our food technologists in each Culinary Center provide local clients with advice tailored to meet their specific needs.

Finally, we’re committed to working together to better nourish and protect the planet. As an employer, ensuring the safety, training and wellness of all our employees is our top priority. We also strive to improve the world we live in, sponsoring local charities, supporting children’s causes and encouraging philanthropy at the local level. Unsurprisingly, we’re also committed to encouraging a healthy lifestyle. It goes from the way we develop and audit our products, which help reduce levels of salt, sugar and fat in food products, to offering our employees access to sports halls and wellness centers.

Biospringer’s expertise and passion for yeast fermentation and taste has provided innovative solutions so that our customers can explore their full potential. We’re looking forward to introducing our clients to this exciting collection of yeast ingredients.

BIOSPRINGER is a trademark and it does not imply systematically that the product is organic according to EU Regulation 2018/ 848, the status of each product supplied should be checked on the technical documentation.