Thai Chefs Best & Korn cooking yeast extract at the FIA 2019

Thai Chefs Best & Korn cooking yeast extract at the FIA 2019

2019, at Food Ingredients Asia show in Bangkok, Thailand.

This FIA, Thai Chef Best & Chef Korn cook up a storm with Biospringer products, to create unique food applications on trending taste profiles such as spices and cheese.
Springer® 1405, the yeast extract that brings power spices, heat levels and savouriness in food and seasoning and, Springer® Signature Cheese, the yeast extract that boosts cheese flavour and delivers authentic cheese notes to your recipe.


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Mapo tofu with Springer® 1405

A classic Szechuan dish featuring diced bean curds cooked in a spicy aromatic sauce and Springer® 1405.



Fiery Chicken Salsa with Springer® 1405

Sauce comprising Springer® 1405 in medley of spices, a tinge of sourness and great balance of spiciness generously coating the chicken, best enjoyed with the refreshing salsa.



Citrus Cheese Tea

A light cheese foam containing Springer® Signature Cheese topped on refreshing citrus tea.



Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese with Springer® Signature Cheese

Delicious smoked salmon cream cheese made with cream cheese, Springer® Signature Cheese, bits of smoked salmon and spices for taste.