Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan and Vegetarian diets,
becoming mainstream

Due to an increasing concern for health, environment and ethical topics, consumers have found a way to address these concerns in one place: by changing their diets. Nearly 64% (Nielsen Global Ingredients and Dining Out Trends – August 2016) of the world population follow a diet that limits or bans the consumption of specific ingredients and types of foods.

Meat and animal-based products are not an exception. More and more, consumers lower or eliminate their consumption in place of vegetables, fruits and plant-based proteins, embracing Vegetarian,Vegan or Flexitarian diets. 14% of consumers worldwide would be Vegetarian, and 6% Vegan.

What does this alternative diet imply?  “Vegetarian”, “vegan” “flexitarian” deserve a clear definition:

  • The Vegetarian diet excludes meat and fish
  • The Vegan diet excludes any food of animal origin
  • The Flexitarian diet involves a drastic decrease of meat and fish consumption, only eaten on rare occasions

For tasteful Vegan and vegetarian products, use Yeast Extract

vegan and vegetarian

These new eating habits provide interesting innovation opportunities for the food industry. The challenge then becomes developing flavorful vegetarian or vegan products and fulfilling nutritional needs. Ingenuity in formulation and innovative ingredients are needed to develop interesting flavors with meaty, veggie and cheese profiles in meat analogues.


Yeast extract is a natural flavor ingredient and comes from a natural source- fresh yeast. It is an animal-free ingredient that fits the vegan and vegetarian diet guidelines. Its rich blend of natural components offers a great variety of notes, from meaty to vegetable, or cheesy notes, allowing to diversify and improve vegan and vegetarian food taste profiles. 

Biospringer Culinary Center’s expertise and experience in building taste will support you in developing rich and delicious vegetarian and vegan products.

Biospringer, contributes to vegan and vegetarian innovation

Biospringer offers a wide range of solutions to design better-for-you and flavorful vegan and vegetarian products:


  • Springer® standard, a yeast extract range, delivers body and subtle savory tastes which makes it a valuable ingredient to be used as a rich flavor base


  • Springer® 2000, another yeast extract range, contains a naturally high level of nucleotides, and as a result a strong umami taste. The Umami will intensify the sensory profile and highlight other tastes and flavors of the recipe.


  • Springarom®, a range of yeast based flavors, provide specific notes, including meat profiles such as chicken, beef, grilled or smoked meat. Springarom®  range also includes a cheese profile.    For Dairy free applications, our Springarom® Cheese will bring delicate Emmental or Parmesan notes to vegan cheese flavored products.


  • Springaline®, is a line of inactive dried yeasts and is a vegetarian & vegan source of proteins.


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