Off-note masking

New food trends,
new taste challenges

Food product formulation requires the use of functional ingredients. A large number of reformulations are driven by consumers’ food trends looking for healthier and more sustainable but still flavorful foods.

Low-sugar, plant-based or Vegetarian diets are examples of challenging trends for food manufacturers. These trends involve the reduction or replacement of some key ingredients like sugar or animal proteins.

To compensate the impact on taste or texture, food manufacturers adapt and innovate by using alternative solutions such as sweeteners or plant proteins. The alternative ingredients can bring unwanted off-notes that need to be masked to develop flavorful products.

Taste properties of yeast extract make it a valuable natural origin ingredient to mask undesirable notes.

Two paths to mask off-notes

Off-note masking requires a strong know-how in formulation, an expertise mastered by the Biospringer Culinary Center. Indeed, off-note masking solutions can differ based on the nature of the off-note and the finished product. There are two types of masking, that can be combined for more efficiency:


  • Functional masking prevents the detection of unwanted notes. The effect is driven by the addition of an ingredient that will either intensify an already present flavor or prevent the identification of the molecule responsible for the off-note.


  • Aromatic masking consists in covering the unpleasant note with a new aromatic component that will modify the global taste profile and making it more pleasant.
off-notes masking

Masking off-notes with
Biospringer Yeast-based solutions

off-note masking

By combining their ingredient expertise and product formulation, Biospringer offers cost-efficient and adapted yeast extract-based solutions to mask unpleasant off-notes:


  • Springer® 2000 yeast extract masks unpleasant and bitter notes due to its natural nuclotides that bring Umami.
  • Springalys® and Springarom®, yeast based flavors ranges, will mask off-notes by bringing subtle base notes


Biospringer Culinary Center provides efficient solutions, to answer your specific needs. Through their wide taste properties, our products perform well, masking off-notes, in various food and beverage applications such as vegan and vegetarian products, sweet products or processed meats.


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