Salt reduction

Salt reduction,
an ongoing challenge

Salt reduction is one of the top 10 healthy trends in foods. The World Health Organization (WHO) Member states have agreed to reduce by 30% the global salt intake, by 2025. Processed foods being an important source of salt, food manufacturers continue to be strongly encouraged to reformulate low-sodium products. Reducing salt without compromising the taste is a challenge.

How yeast extracts contribute
to salt reduction

Biospringer, expert in taste, offers you Yeast extracts ranges with many taste properties to support the development of salt-reduced and flavorful food and beverage.


  • Springer® 2000 range, for instance, naturally rich in nucleotides, provides an intense Umami taste and a long-lasting effect, intensifying other tastes and flavors.


Biospringer supports you with its culinary expertise:  the culinary centers, expert in product formulation and yeast extracts, will help you reduce salt up to 30%, in a great diversity of foods and beverages: in soups & broth, sauces & dressings, snacks & seasonings and more.

salt reduction


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