Fat reduction

Fat reduction
impacting taste and texture

Lipids are essential components of a living cell. However, a high fat intake can lead to obesity increasing risks of heart diseases. Food manufacturers are encouraged to reformulate processed foods to reduce fat content.

Fat components play an important role in building balanced taste profiles and appealing textures. Reducing fat can result in a loss of taste and texture.

With Yeast extract,
recover taste and texture in low-fat foods

To recover a lingering effect and roundness in reduced-fat food, Biospringer offers a range of yeast extract that show real benefits, in terms of flavor and creaminess improvement.Yeast extract compensates for the reduced sensations and lost flavors, in various foods: dairy products, sweet products, sauces & dressings and more.

Springer® 4000 range provides body and richness to a 30% low-fat granola, and maintains the freshness and creaminess of a low-fat cream cheese


With the support of the Biospringer Culinary Center, reduce by 30% the fat content using Biospringer yeast-based ingredients, while maintaining appetizing organoleptic profiles.

fat reduction


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