Healthier formulation

A growing health-consciousness
among consumers worldwide

Rapid urbanization and changing lifestyles are transforming dietary patterns. Nowadays, health and naturality are at the heart of consumers’ concerns and the growth of diet-linked health issues has led to a strong awareness of the consumers regarding their daily food consumption. To answer consumers’ food expectations, food manufacturers invest in developing healthier and nutritionally balanced products. Salt, fat, sugar reduction, and also protein and fibers enrichment are the major challenges the industry has to face.

Salt, Sugar and Fat reduction, a global challenge

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated salt, sugar and fat as the three targets to reduce in the coming years and has set the following nutritional guidelines:

  • lowering salt consumption by 30% by 2025
  • reducing sugar intake under 10 % of total energy intake
  • reducing fat intake under 30% of total energy intake

For food manufacturers, the biggest challenge is to reduce the amount of these ingredients without compromising on taste. Inspired by key food trends, Biospringer is continuously innovating by offering specific natural flavor ingredients to drive the consumers’ preference and support the food industry tackle these three main challenges.


Thanks to a strong know-how in taste building, our Culinary Centers advise food manufacturers in formulating when using yeast extracts to develop healthier formulation and preserve a tasteful profile.  

Improving nutritional profile with yeast extract

healthy formulation

Biospringer’s Yeast extract ranges are natural flavor ingredients and protein sources used in various food or beverage applications, improving taste and the nutritional profile.

  • Salt reduction: Springer® 2000 and Pronal® 2000 are efficient yeast extracts ranges to help reducing salt in various food applications due to their ability to improve salty perception, to bring out flavours and to mask bitterness. Depending on the initial salt content and type of product, up to 30% salt reduction is achieved by adding a yeast extract. A product reformulation is often needed to keep the balance of the other tastes and flavors in the recipe. Our Culinary Center offers you the support you need to achieve that task.


  • Fat reduction: the Springer® 4000 range brings smoothness and highlights creamy and fatty notes of low-fat foods allowing to reduce fat content up to 30% in various food applications.


  • Sugar reduction: at very low dosage, Springarom® range offers solutions inducing up to 30% sugar reduction without compromising the taste. Efficient in baked goods like biscuits or in breakfast cereals, it brings interesting caramel and malted flavor notes, also useful when the intent is to mask undesirable notes brought by sweeteners.


  • Animal-free protein source: in addition to its emulsifying properties, the Springaline® range contains about 50% of proteins and might be used as a non-allergen alternative to other types of proteins.


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