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taste improvement

Taste improvement

A growing challenge!

As consumers are considering a new set of factors when purchasing food, the importance of taste remains intact. Compromising on taste is hardly an option. When it comes to taste improvement, the food and beverage industry has many challenges to face…

healthier formulation

Healthier formulation

A growing health-consciousness among consumers worldwide

Rapid urbanization and changing lifestyles are transforming dietary patterns. Nowadays, health and naturality are at the heart of consumers’ concerns and the growth of diet-linked health issues has led to a strong awareness of the consumers…

clean label

Clean label

The rise of clean label in consumer’s expectations

Consumers are more and more health-conscious and environment friendly: they are increasingly inquisitive about the natural origin, traceability, and nutritional or sustainability impact of the food they buy and eat. The expectation for transparency…



Organic market, on the rise worldwide

The organic market is growing incredibly fast: it has been multiplied by 6 since 1999 to reach $87,3Mds in 2015 and nearly 9 out of 10 of global consumption of organic products is in North America and Europe…

vegan vegetarian

Vegan & vegetarian

For tasteful vegan and vegetarian products, use Yeast Extract

New eating habits provide interesting innovation opportunities for the food industry. The challenge then becomes developing flavorful vegetarian or vegan products and fulfilling nutritional needs. Ingenuity in formulation and innovative ingredients are needed to develop…

off notes

Off-notes masking

New food trends, new taste challenges

Food product formulation requires the use of functional ingredients. A large number of reformulations are driven by consumers’ food trends looking for healthier and more sustainable but still flavorful foods…


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