Soups & Broths

Yeast extract ingredients benefits

Yeast extract ranges, Springer®Standard, Springer®1000 and Pronal®1000, will make perfect base notes in soups & broths. Others, Springer®2000 and Pronal® 2000, will intensify taste and flavors by bringing umami and body to the recipe, while Springarom® range adds specific notes such as roasted chicken, grilled, meat gravy, cheese.


Beyond taste improvement, Yeast extract also contributes to clean labeling, healthy formulation and vegetarian & vegan positioning.


Yeast based ingredients benefit classic chicken bouillon to spicy flavored soups, organic vegetable soups, and many, many more recipes.

Soups & Broths

  • Dry Soups
  • Wet Soups
  • Dry Bouillon
  • Wet Bouillon

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