Snacks & Seasonings

Yeast extract ingredients benefits

The snacking category is growing unbelievably fast. With accelerating life-styles, consumers look for convenient, indulgent and healthy snacks. Biospringer offers yeast extracts and yeast based ingredients that help food manufacturers deliver clean-label, flavorful and healthy snack recipes.


Springaline® and Springalys®dried yeast ranges, make efficient flavor carriers in seasoning blends. Springer® 2000 and Springer® 4000, will intensify taste & flavors of the blends, might it be spicy, salty or sweet. To add specific notes, Biospringer has Springarom® offering flavor profiles such as: meat, gravy, smoked meat, grilled, cheese notes, and more.


Biospringer ranges have proven to be efficient in a great variety of recipes: chili and lime seasoning for chips, cheddar jalapeno seasoning for chips, cheese flavored crackers, and many more.

Snacks & Seasonings

  • Meat Snacks
  • Popcorns
  • Savory biscuits & chips
  • Flavoring blends

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