Fish, meat & analogues

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Consumers are making sure to get their daily protein intake through regular consumption of meat and fish or from alternative protein sources. Consumers adopt more and more plant based diets driven mainly by ethical and environmental concerns. Vegetarian and Vegan diets are gaining ground.


Springer®2000 will intensify the meaty notes and bring Umami to the taste profile.Intensifying the taste profile can allow salt reduction without compromising the taste. The Springarom® range strengthens meaty flavors and brings meaty notes to vegetarian and vegan recipes: grilled, smoked, roasted chicken. All Biospringer products are considered Vegetarian.


Biospringer ranges have proven to be efficient in a great variety of recipes: Hamburger patties, meatballs, vegetable pâté and many more.

Fish, meat & analogues

  • Meat based products: cured meat, sausage
  • Fish based products
  • Meat and Fish analogues/ Vegetarian and Vegan alternatives

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