Food application

Yeast extract: a great diversity of properties,
for a wide range of applications

Yeast extracts is considered as a natural origin ingredient. The taste and organoleptic properties of yeast extract are perfectly suited for all types of applications, savory and sweet. Its main benefit is taste improvement. Yeast extract is used like herbs and spices to bring and improve the taste of a recipe. Its action goes beyond taste and can solve many challenges faced by the food industry when formulating new products: salt, sugar and fat reduction. It can also help food formulators comply to specific diet restrictions such as vegetarians, vegans, gluten free; and more.


Available in many forms; liquid, paste or powder, yeast extract is easy and convenient to incorporate in a recipe. The food technologists in our Culinary Centers are here to support you by determining the optimal ingredient and dosage, which is typically below 1%.


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