Biospringer at Food Ingredient China in 2019

Biospringer at Food Ingredient China in 2019

Biospringer China team conducted a successful 2019 Food Ingredients China Expo from 2019, March 18 to 20.
The Biospringer China expert team worked with the great Chef Corentin Delcroix- former Assistant Manager at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Shanghaï, China, and now consultant chef for Biospringer. For this show, Chef Corentin was inspired to prepare local food applications with yeast extract. We introduced to our audience two of our main benefits in application: the cheese flavor improvement, and the spiciness enhancement. The first one was introduced with our new product Springer® Signature Cheese, and the second one by our Springer® 1405/40-MG-L.

For that, Chef Corentin showcased our Springer® 1405/40-MG-L:

  • in an Asian fusion burger, it elevates the spiciness sensation, and highlights the red pepper flavour,
  • in a Wasabi glazed fried chicken, it boosts wasabi notes and reinforces pungent and contributes to long lasting,
  • in a Lamb dumpling, it boosts cumin notes and reinforces mixed spiciness,
  • in a Black pepper tenderloin, it highlights black peper’s profile and improves lingering effect.

We also showcased various food applications, with Springer® Signature Cheese:

  • in a Cheesy croissant, Springer® Signature Cheese highlights the cheddar cheese flavor and brings out the richness,
  • in an Oolong tea cheese cream, it enhances cheese notes and brings full-bodied taste,
  • in a Cheese filled nugget, it boosts overall cheese notes and contributes to long lasting performance,
  • in a Cheese baked shrimp, it reinforces cheddar cheese flavour and balances overall taste.

Chef Corentin strongly believes in yeast extract in food application“The wide array of Biospringer’s products addresses a large panel of issues that we often face when developing products and its clean label perfectly fits the current trend. On several projects we had a very positive results using Biospringer yeast extract, whether it was through its flavor improvement, water binding characteristics or specific flavor.”

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