Biospringer culinary workshop in Dinard

Biospringer culinary workshop in Dinard

Biospringer culinary workshop, a privileged moment of exchange

Caroline Bourriez is food technologist, and she is in charge of Biospringer European & Middle East Culinary Center. On december 4th, she went to Dinard, France, for a dedicated culinary workshop. For this special occasion, Caroline Bourriez worked with Biospringer French distributor Amcam and partnered with the brand Tabasco and its European Business Development Chef Gary Evans.

The objective was to work together and collaborate with the Food Technology students at the DRACI* in Dinard, Brittany, France. The workshop consisted in introducing yeast extract ingredients & Tabasco to the students. Both experts presented their product of expertiste, yeast extract and Tabasco, plain and in food application. All together, the team worked on specific recipes with Biospringer yeast extract and Tabasco.

Yeast extract in food application demonstration

The menu consisted of 4 courses:

  • A Caesar salad, with Biospringer yeast extract Springer® 4101, because it adds fatty and milky notes in the mouth,
  • A carrot and coconut milk soup, with Biospringer yeast extract Springer® 2012, for the umami touch that it adds to the food application,
  • Meatballs in Barbecue Sauce, with Biospringer yeast extract Springarom® GR,  Springarom® RCM and Tabasco Chipotle.
  • For desert, a revisited cheesecake with Tabasco in it, and some Madeleines with our Biospringer yeast extract Springer® Standard 0402/20, because it brings smoothness and strengthens the flavor.



Our Biospringer Culinary Center purpose is to support our customers with formulation of food and beverage recipes using yeast extract. There are 5 Biospringer Culinary Centers in the world, do not hesitate to contact us with your requests or questions.

* DRACI = “Développement Recherche en Art Culinaire et Commercialisation Industrielle” = Industrial Marketing & Culinary Art Research & Development