The meat analogue trend in Asia Pacific

The meat analogue trend in Asia Pacific

Last February, three of our experts shared their insights on the meat analogue market trend in Asia Pacific (APAC). They instroduced four application benefits using clean label yeast extracts. Indeed, this natural origin ingredient achieve flavorful and nutritious meat analogues.

Meat analogue market trend in Asia Pacific

“Meat analogues are a fast-growing segment” noted Hugo Leclercq, APAC Innovation and Business Development Director. “The CAGR growth of the meat analogue segment in Asia and Australasia is expected to reach 11,2% by 2024”. This segment is booming thanks to expanding product innovation, consumer awareness, and start-up funding. Moreover, consumers are more acceptive towards meat substitutes because of their healthier, safer, and sustainable perception.

Authentic taste remains the key challenge for meat analogues

The 2020 Innova Category Survey revealed health and taste are the key reasons why consumers choose meat analogues. New product development is moving fast in this segment. Thus, an extensive selection of innovative meat analogue products is available. Flexitarian consumers now have more options to choose from. Consequently, they also have higher expectations in taste, mouthfeel, and nutrition.



Masking undesirable off-notes

“Soy, beany, green, and other off-notes are naturally present in plant-based proteins” notes Vicky Tio, Biospringer Senior Food Technologist. “These are common technical challenges faced during the development of meat analogues”. As such, it is important to mask the off-notes from the protein base. However, we don’t want to affect the original flavor profile. Considering this challenge, we have developed a new solution with Springer® Mask range of yeast extracts. The aim is to help manufacturers conceal off-notes from the plant-protein matrix before adding seasonings.

Mimic a meaty taste

The protein off-notes are now masked. However, there is a second challenge. It is to mimic the sensory attributes of real meat. The Springer® Signature range is our solution. It brings authentic taste profiles such as beef and chicken to the matrix. Springer® Signature also provides complementary taste benefits like roasted, smoked, and grilled notes. It brings taste complexity.

Intensify taste

As the video explained, Springer® Reveal range of yeast extracts provide solutions to highlight hot and spicy flavors. It is also capable of intensifying cooked notes like roasted, toasted, and barbecue. In short, Springer® Reveal can complement and deliver sophisticated taste to your meat analogue recipe.

Salt reduction and long-lasting umami taste

Today, consumers celebrate the improved taste and healthfulness of meat substitutes. But they are increasingly aware of the salt content. Therefore, we have developed solutions to reduce salt. Springer® Umami range of yeast extracts is ideal for highly processed meat alternatives like burger patty and nuggets. Meanwhile, it is a natural origin ingredient. It contains high nucleotides. Thus, it brings rich natural umami and long-lasting performance.

Biospringer solutions in meat analogue development

At Biospringer, we have strong ingredient capabilities. We help overcome challenges with four dedicated solutions, thanks to a dedicated portfolio of clean label yeast extracts. We mask off-notes, create meaty taste, intensify flavor and provide long-lasting umami with our yeast extracts. Our goals are to balance the nutritional profile and to mimic the sophisticated sensory attributes of meat analogues. We are also anticipating the future of plant proteins coming soon.

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