Meet Jane WANG, Food Application Manager at our Culinary Center in Shanghai

Meet Jane WANG, Food Application Manager at our Culinary Center in Shanghai

Meet our expert Jane (WANG Jie), Food Application Manager at our Culinary Center in Shanghai. Jane answered our questions about her work at Biospringer and shared her point of view on our products.

You are a Food Application Manager: what is your background?

I majored in food and science technologies. I have more than 15 years working experience in food applications. I am an expert in savory applications like saucesseasonings and meats. Besides, I also can do some sweet applications like bakery and  sweets.

So technically, what does your job consist in?

In the Culinary Center, we work closely with the sales team, marketing and other departments to provide technical support to our customers.

How would you describe Biospringer in three words?

The first word is innovative, because Biospringer lauches new products every year. For example, last year we launched Springer® Signature Cheese for China. This cheese flavor yeast extract can boost spicy flavor that provides a very unique and authentic taste!

The second word is proximity. We  have factories based in different regions all over the world, so we can provide quicker and more efficient support to our customers.

The third word is environmental-friendly. As you know, now people care more and more about global environment. Our products, from beginning to end are environmental-friendly and clean label!

What is your favorite product?

My favorite product is the cheese flavor yeast extract because the taste is very unique and authentic! It can apply to many different cheese applications, from mild cheese to mature cheese.

What is the craziest application you have developed?

For our food service customer, we have developed a seasoning sauce for prawn fish, the taste is spicy and umami. It is typically Chinese and attractive for our customers!

Salt reductiontaste improvement…: What benefit do you prefer?

I like working on natural umami because our Springer® 2000 range can bring out very natural and long-lasting umami in many applications. Umami is definitely my favorite functionality.

How would you describe yeast extract?

Yeast extract is a clean label food ingredient. It can provide not only umami taste but also different flavors like meat or cheese or soy a sauce! We also have some basic yeast extract which can provide body taste. The production is environmental-friendly, it can be used in a wide range of applications. I believe that yeast extract industry has a bright future!


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