Biospringer’s protection measures since the COVID 19

Biospringer’s protection measures since the COVID 19

Since the COVID 19, we took an important series of measures to protect our employees and our products. Since day 1 of the lockdown, all our factories have continued to operate at full capacity during the pandemic. Our teams are particularly active to enable these operations with the utmost respect for safety rules. They work in strict application of the recommendations of official authorities.

Implementation of an important series of measures

Among the measures, we reinforced controls at the sites entrances. We established safety distances of at least 1,5 meters. We also reinforced the protection of vulnerable individuals. Our workstations and workspaces have been adapted. Moreover, we modified and materialized traffic flows, closed the public areas and modified the living rules. We prohibited the access of visitors and the providers were limited. We also increased the change of working clothes for operators. Finally, we limited the number of people per room, we revised the ventilation, etc.

Ensuring people’s health and safety on all sites

Frédéric Allard, our Security Technician, explains: “We implemented numerous measures that cannot all be cited. They will be implemented as long as necessary. The objective is to ensure people’s health on all our sites worldwide and the safety of our products”. As soon as our employees return on site, they receive a training to be aware of the new rules.

To know more about our supply chain management under the COVID-19,

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