Ensuring business continuity for our customers

Ensuring business continuity for our customers

At Biospringer, we ensure business continuity during the COVID 19 outbreak 

The safety and well-being of our employees is always our top prioritySince the beginning of the outbreak, at Biospringer, we have taken several measures following the public health guidance. For instance, we imposed social distancing and intensified cleanings. Also, we enforced health checks at the entrance to the sites, home office, we cancelled travels… Indeed, we have learnt a lot from our Chinese plant’s efforts. It has helped us to respond to the spread of the virus while maintaining the supply chain.

Gianfranco GalleriGeneral Manager of Biospringer in Asia Pacific, explains: “In China, in the yeast ingredients market, we were the first to restart the factories mid-February. They are now operating at full capacity. I am proud to see that, during this difficult time, the Chinese teams have demonstrated a strong commitment, a sense of belongings, responsibility and an amazing capacity to react positively and proactively.”

“In this troubled time, our mission never made more sense”

Antoine Baule, CEO of Lesaffre, emphasizes the importance of Lesaffre and Biospringer’s activities in the current context. “As a global key player in fermentation, Lesaffre is an operator of vital interest to nourish populations in particular but also to supply the food, nutrition and health industries. In this troubled time, our mission never made more sense : working together to better nourish and protect the planet.”

Thus, we continue to supply our customers, all around the world through our 8 facilities in Brazil, China, France, Serbia and USA. Today all our production plants are operational. This is also the case for Lesaffre’s factories, thanks to the efforts and actions of all our employees throughout the world.

Our Global General Manager, Brice-Audren Riché, reminds the mission of Biospringer and thanks all the employees for their commitment. “As a food ingredients company, our business is considered essential during times of crisis. I want to express my sincere gratitude to our teams who come on site every day to ensure business continuity. Thanks to them and all other employees working from home, we continue to produce and supply our customers all around the world. It’s particularly during this period that I am reminded that Lesaffre mission is so meaningful: working together to better nourish and protect the planet. We will get through this challenging time together.”

Our contingency plans are working effectively. We will continue to supply our customers to allow them producing food products with yeast ingredients. Our experts at the Culinary Center, the Supply and R&D departments and the Sales teams continue to support our customers during the outbreak. Let’s stay connected to help you to face these challenging times !

Take care of yourself and your families.

What about this outbreak influence on the food market ? If you are interested on the consumers’ behaviors in these specific circumstances,

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