Biospringer’s Culinary Centers: who are we?

Biospringer’s Culinary Centers: who are we?

Francisco Andre arrived a few months ago at Biospringer. He is the new Global Application Manager and agreed to answer Laurence Vercoutère’s (Global Communication Project Manager) questions about the Culinary Centers. This interview is a chance to discover his ambitions and vision and detail the missions of the application laboratory.

Can you tell us more about your role in this Culinary Centers network?

“I joined Biospringer as Global Application Manager, after 12 years working in different fields in the food industry. I worked in dairy, bakery, confectionery and flavors. My background is in Food Engineering. Indeed, I graduated from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil. I also got a master’s degree in Food Industry Management by AgroSup Dijon (higher national institute of agronomic, food and environmental sciences) in France.

Related to the Global Marketing team, my role is to coordinate the work done in our different application labs, our “Culinary Centers”. I also help defining a long-term strategy. The Global team supports Global Key customers, and we provide application know-how to evaluate new products developed by our R&D experts. Our focus is to bring good taste to every product. “

How is the center organized? Where are your regional teams located?

“As part of a global company, we basically have teams all around the world. Indeed, our network of Culinary Centers is present in 5 locations. They are in the USA, China, Singapore, Brazil and France, where the Global team is also based. It is a growing department with new recruits joining the existing team. The goal is to be even more reactive in answering customer requests, developing prototypes. This is in order to highlight the benefits of our range and to cover even more applications. It is great to have such an international and multicultural team, with complementary expertise in food products and deep knowledge about local markets and local needs. This creates customer proximity and confirms our efficiency in the way we handle projects wherever they are.”

How has lockdown and covid-19 impacted your work and your organization?

“It is indeed a challenging time for everyone. In our case specifically, a lot of our everyday work involves cooking and tasting in the lab. We need a minimum time of presence to be able to develop our formulations and keep doing our trials.

We looked at the situation as an opportunity to work differently and keep providing customer support all along. Some colleagues were doing trials from their kitchen at home and we could make videos to share the results with our customers. Face with this complex situation, we are rethinking food demos differently. We adapt the formulas to be able to ship “pre-made kits” to our customers. That way, they will be able to prepare the demos with a minimum of manipulation and cooking. We foresee a period with limited travelling; so, we are organizing to provide training and demo sessions without interruption, and more exchange through video conference. To be positive, we must also recognize that less travel is ultimately better for the carbon footprint of our industry!”

If you had to sum up your activity in 3 words, what would they be?



If we think about foods our parents or grandparents had access to, it is impressive to see how food consumption has changed. Thanks to the food industry, convenience and variety of products are highly significant today. It is fascinating to see successful products being part of our everyday life, that favorite product you have in mind that you can’t stop eating because you love that unique and delicious taste. At Biospringer, we keep this passion to always look for that touch which makes your products delicious!


We live in such a fast-paced world, that I find curiosity an essential state of mind to always keep up with what’s happening around us. New ingredients coming, new processes and machines, evolving consumer expectations, regulations changing… We always want to keep this openness to learn.


Being part of a global and multicultural team is definitely one of the most exciting things in our activity: the process to understand taste perception and preferences in different countries, discover unique products and traditions surrounding food, different ways of working, and being able to interact with customers wherever they are!

Francisco Andre, global application manager, thus gives us the details of the organization of the Culinary Center. This activity is carried out with passion by expert teams from the four corners of the world, overcoming challenge time of Covid.


Biospringer is a specialist of yeast extract and is recognized as a historical key player and global producer. Its expertise through teams of technologists, flavorists, and expert tasting panels, ensures total safety and high quality of all the products manufactured and sold in the world. Meanwhile, its global network of Culinary Centers is dedicated to finding technical solutions for its customers in order to bring good taste to their recipes in line with the current natural, vegan, and clean label food trends.

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