Biospringer Strasbourg site expanded

Biospringer Strasbourg site expanded

On Friday 29 June, Antoine Baule, CEO of Lesaffre, and Brice-Audren Riché, Managing Director of Biospringer Worldwide, unveiled new equipment at Biospringer Strasbourg site. Since its creation dozens of million euros have been invested in the site, the benefits of which will include increased yeast extract production capacity.

A financial investment to match the scale of Biospringer’s ambitions

This investment plan underpins Biospringer’s intention to expand its operations and develop a more extensive product range. The new equipment (autolysis tanks, washing array, spray-drying tower, silo, etc.), which has been operational since the end of 2017, is supporting this ambition and enhancing the service offered to Biospringer’s customers worldwide. It will boost the production capacities of the Strasbourg sites by almost 50%.

A fast-expanding market

A long-standing player in the yeast extract market. Currently with 8 industrial sites worldwide, including 2 in Strasbourg, Biospringer intends to meet its customers’ specific requirements as never before, all around the world.

This Business Unit of Lesaffre has a strong focus on major food issues, and offers its industrial agri-foodstuff customers a range of 100% natural* solutions for improving the taste and other sensory qualities of food. This challenge is consistent with Lesaffre’s ambitions: “Better nourish and protect the planet”.

Strasbourg and Biospringer have a long shared history, as the company has had a site there for around 25 years. Early in 2017, Lesaffre acquired the Sensient entity, a specialist in brewer’s yeast extracts, thus enhancing Biospringer’s expertise in this fast-growing market.

Yeast extracts: natural products for a healthy and sustainable diet

Yeast is produced from unicellular micro-organisms that are fed on sugar (cane and beet molasses) and that then multiply during fermentation, which is an intrinsically natural process.

The yeast extracts produced by Biospringer for businesses in the agri-foodstuff industry are 100% natural* solutions, the advantages of which include meeting increasing consumer demand for healthy and sustainable food. This means natural food with less salt but with essential flavours preserved. Biospringer intends its continued expansion within the sector to keep pace with these new environmental and human issues. To help it achieve this it has a skills platform of Research & Development staff and a Culinary Center to offer all its customers a full service and high-quality products.