Sweet beverages: good taste and sugar substitutes

Sweet beverages: good taste and sugar substitutes


Our Biospringer team of experts has been studying and keeping a very interesting track of today and tomorrow’s trends. One of them is sugar reduction in sweet beverages, rising worldwide. They have summarized it in a few key figures for you, in a very dynamic and easy-to-read infography.


The beverage industry is changing, as non alcoholic beverages show a notable growth, like water beverages, frozen drinks, and alcohol-free cocktails. Also, trends in beverages are moving away from sugar and artificial flavors & ingredients. Indeed, the consumption of soda is decreasing, due to a negative perception of sugar input.


As for food, consumers seek out better options for their beverages than the ones existing in the market. Consumers still consider taste as the most important driver of choice in their beverages, but low sugar or no sugar is also an important criteria.


Considering the negative impact of sugar on health, increasing the risk of obesity and diabetes, its use is decreasing little by little in all regions. Indeed average sugar content in drinks is falling, in particular thanks to the use of natural-origin sweeteners. Also, beverage manufacturers are reformulating with sugar alternatives, and soft drinks brands are encouraged to reduce/replace sugar. However, substitutes show many disadvantages, like adding unwanted flavor notes to the beverages.


Our new yeast-based ingredient Springer® Mask 101 helps you, beverages formulators, to preserve and develop the overall taste profile of your drinks. Our beverage experts are in our Culinary Center, ready to answer you needs in formulation and give your technical assistance in sugar reduction.

Sweet beverages infography



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