Sensory analysis

Taste and flavor expertise,
at the heart of our identity

Taste is at the heart of Biopringer’s identity. Our mission is to offer you yeast extract and yeast based solutions to magnify the sensory profiles of food and beverage applications.

Sensory analysis expertise provides key skills to develop products of excellence adapted to your segment of application. Belonging to the Research & Development department, within the Flavor Development team, the sensory team characterizes the ingredients to support the development of added value solutions therefore meeting customers’ expectations.

Their expertise in taste and flavor improvement guides the development of flavorful yeast extract based solutions allowing food manufacturers to bring pleasure to customers while answering to major food trends: Clean Label, Organic, nutritional improvement, Vegetarian, and more.

Taste and sensory expertise,
guiding innovation


Based in Maisons-Alfort (France), the Sensory Analysis experts are strongly involved in the innovation process.


Our sensory scientists establish specific methods of analysis, according to specific international standards. They share these tools across departments and regions: production, marketing, sales and quality supports to meet technical and regulatory requirements all around the world.

To conduct their studies, the sensory analysis team put in place four types of panels, which follow dedicated ISO norms:

  • The Quality Control panel, daily conducted in all our factories, to release product batches after tasting
  • The initiated panel made of 30 to 50 people for basic studies including triangle tests
  • The qualified panel with approximately 15 people trained on a food application for a specific study
  • The expert panel made of 25 expert panelists that have followed an intense training program to qualify and quantify very precisely yeast based ingredients


This rich library of data nourishes the work of the flavor development team, who continuously improves its knowledge around targeted key compounds to develop efficient products with great organoleptic properties, adapted to process constraints of each segment of application.


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