Product formulation

Yeast extract: a valuable ingredient
in food and beverage formulation

Yeast extract is a valuable ingredient and is commonly used for its wide variety of powerful taste properties in many food and beverage applications: soups & broths, sauces & dressings, Snacks & seasonings, Fish, meat & analogues, beverages, Dairy products, sweet products, starchy goods.

Along with this diversity of applications comes many formulation and process challenges. The wide variety of yeast extract flavor profiles and properties allows unlimited clean label product formulations. It also contributes to solving important challenges:

  • Improve taste to provide flavorful recipes
  • Contribute to develop healthy formulations: reduce sugar, salt, fat
  • Mask off notes: sweeteners, proteins
  • Comply with specific diets: organic, vegetarian, vegan


Whatever the nature of your challenge, the Biospringer Culinary Center food technologists are here to support you during product development.

Biospringer Culinary Centers,
experts in product formulation

Biospringer Culinary Center is a network of food technologists, experts in product formulation and yeast extract. This dual expertise allows them to support efficiently customers during product developments of a large variety of food applications.

The network is made of 5 Culinary Centers located in Maisons-Alfort (France), Shanghai (China), Milwaukee (USA), Campinas (Brazil) and Singapore.

Located regionally and close to customers, our food technologists take into consideration market and culinary specificities to adapt product formulations and solutions to best meet customers needs.


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