Naturalness is a rising trend worldwide

Naturalness is a rising trend worldwide



Our Biospringer team of experts has been studying and keeping a very interesting track of today and tomorrow’s trends. One of them is naturalness trend, rising worldwide. They have summarized it in a few key figures for you, in a very dynamic and easy-to-read infography.


According to Nielsen, Mintel – 2016, 58% of worldwide consumers want all-natural products. This figure is impressive all by itself, and shows a real trend that is rising worldwide, and thus affecting all food industry.
But what is considered as all-natural products? What we see in this infography is that from consumer’s expectations, naturalness is an association of multiple attributes divided into 3 categories.

First criteria of naturalness would be how is the product grown: is it organic? is it local?
Second would be about how is the product produced: does it contain artificial ingredients or artificial flavors & colors? Is it preservative-free and additive free? Is it GMO-free? etc.
Finally, it concerns the final product, as if it is a healthy product, an eco-friendly product, all by being tasty and fresh?
What is interesting to notice in this naturalness trend infography, is that all the criteria are growing in consumer importance. For example, the Organic Certified criteria has grown 16% from 2013 to 2016. Also, the without artificial ingredients criteria has increased 19%.


This naturalness trend infographic also studies the reason for such an enthusiasm. What consumers are looking for when purchasing can be summarized in a few words: safety, quality, confidence, and reliability. Plus, the organic wave has induced this trend. The organic market has been multiplied by 6 since 1999.


We fully meet the naturalness trend, by offering natural origin yeast ingredients. Indeed, yeast extracts come from nature, is locally produced, and minimally processed, without GMO. It makes it a healthy ingredient, that brings taste naturally, which is suitable for vegan and vegetarian.  We also offer an organic yeast product range.