Springer® 6000

Springer® 6000,
roasted base notes

Springer® 6000 is a range of specific yeast based notes. This range provides typical and intense notes from roasted, grilled to malted or soy sauce profiles. Springer 6000 brings a unique signature taste.


Characterized by these specific profiles, Springer® 6000 is valuable to many applications, either savory or sweet.

For healthy recipes

Springer 6000 can contribute to sugar reduction by intensifying “browned” and “caramelized” flavor notes.

Valuable in many food applications

Springer® 6000 :

  • In a meat gravy, brings intense roasted meat flavors
  • In a brownie, adds a caramelized note and intensifies the bitterness of dark cacao
  • In a turkey jerky, adds flavor depth and extension
  • In a vegan meatball, brings out dark and roasted notes
  • And many more. To discover more Applications

Benefits beyond taste Springer® 6000

Biospringer is strongly committed to high quality standardsallowing Springer® 6000 to offer various additional product benefits:

  • Natural origin ingredient
  • Clean label
  • Allergen free
  • Gluten-free

100% water soluble and process resistant, the Springer® 6000 range is suitable for all types and forms of applications.


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