Springer® 4000

Springer® 4000
for fullness and smoothness sensations

Springer® 4000, is a range of yeast extracts providing kokumi, due to the natural content of the glutathione peptide. Springer® 4000 improves the taste of food and beverage by bringing fullness and smoothness sensations.

For healthy recipes

The richness sensation of Springer® 4000 contributes to fat reduction, up to 30%, without any compromise on taste.

Valuable in many food applications

Springer® 4000 :

  • In a salad dressing, allows a 30% fat reduction, provides body and maintains freshness
  • In a bechamel sauce, gives roundness and intensifies cooked flavors
  • In a cream of mushroom soup, adds creamy and rich notes.
  • And many more. To discover more applications

Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to high quality standards allowing Springer® 4000 to offer various additional product benefits:

  • Natural origin ingredient
  • Clean label
  • Clean tasting
  • Allergen free
  • Gluten-free

100% water soluble and process resistant, the Springer® 4000 range is suitable for all types and forms of applications.


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