Less salt for a healthier life

Less salt for a healthier life


Our Biospringer team of experts has been studying and keeping a very interesting track of today and tomorrow’s trends. One of them is salt reduction, rising worldwide. They have summarized it in a few key figures for you, in a very dynamic and easy-to-read infography.

Less salt to save lives

According to the World Health Organization, by decreasing salt consumption from 9-12 to 5 grams per person per day, we would decrease risks of cardiovascular disease and hypertension, and thus save 7 millions lives by 2030.

Global policies for less salt

This is why many governments have decided to act against salt, with the objective to achieve a 30% salt reduction by 2025. The awareness of consumers is also rising, as globally over half of them are actively avoiding or trying to limit their salt intake.
However, those consumers will not compromise on taste and flavor naturalness in their plate. As a matter of fact, 40% of consumers notice a different taste with “low sodium” food and drinks.

Less salt, not less taste!

Salt is the most appealing ingredient in the flavor of foods for the consumers, this is a reality ! Snacks for example are not the same without taste, and this is mostly true for processed and restaurant foods. This is why manufacturers and food producers have this challenge to answer their client need: reduce salt to preserve their health, but keep bringing pleasure and even improve taste. It is not easy !

Biospringer natural* yeast ingredients

Our natural* solutions allow you, food formulators, to reduce salt by up to 30% without comprising on taste. For example, in a reduced salt tomato sauce, “yeast extract creates a more rounded and balanced flavor profile” – says our food experts. They are here, in our Culinary Center, to answer you needs in formulation and give your technical assistance in salt reduction.

Download our infographic to learn more about how yeast extract can help to reduce salt in food applications.

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