Biospringer joined Rise Against Hunger to stop global hunger

Biospringer joined Rise Against Hunger to stop global hunger

In 2014, the Lesaffre  joined forces with Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now), to launch a B2C cause-marketing program. It is called Baking the World a Better Place. The program is focused on raising awareness of chronic global hunger and inspiring people to participate in the movement to end it.

“I enjoyed working alongside our other business units here at Lesaffre as we put together these meal kits for a great cause!” – Sandra Kuehn (Executive Assistant)

As part of Biospringer’s sustainability engagements, our USA’s team joined them on December 2019, to support this action. Collaborators from different services committed into this project. Among them, there are Stephanie Prouty and Loreena Dahl from the customer service. Also, there are Heidi Geisenhoff working at Marketing and Brad Terp from the sales team. Finally, Sandra Kuehn at the administration and Veronica Santiago in the customer service were present as well.

Driven by a mission to end hunger by 2030, Rise Against Hunger mobilizes volunteers and resources. These actions are in order to package and distribute meals through schools and feeding programs in 73 countries. The meals not only provide nourishment, but also help boost education and sustainable development in impoverished regions of the world.

“It was fun to be a part of a larger group where the end focus was knowing you were helping end hunger” – Brad Terp (Technical Services Manager)

By addressing hunger-related issues, we can create sustainable solutions to break the cycle of poverty. The Rise Against Hunger Baking the World a Better Place program provides key opportunities for our customers and co-workers. Indeed, the objective is to spread the spirit of giving and engage with us to help families around the globe and in our local communities.

More than 100,000 meals have been distributed thanks to Lesaffre through volunteer service events across the U.S. in 2014. These actions have impacted the lives of almost 1,000 children in Haiti, Nepal, Nicaragua, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, Lesaffre already has a new project called “the Gokwe North Home-Grown School Feeding Initiative” in Zimbabwe. The goal is to provide nearly 2700 students with food, education and resources through a sustainable home-grown school feeding program.

By taking part into this type of actions, closely linked to social responsibility, Biospringer hopes to achieve its goal of better nourishing and protecting the planet.

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