Biospringer takes on off-notes masking

Biospringer takes on off-notes masking

Biospringer takes on off-notes masking with new yeast-based fermentation ingredient.

In the context of sugar reduction and substitution of animal proteins trends, Biospringer helps food manufacturers reformulate beverages, dairy products and plant-based alternatives without affecting their overall taste profile. Biospringer developed Springer® Mask 101, a natural solution produced by fermentation that is also vegan-friendly. This innovative product neutralizes the undesirable tastes brought by sweeteners like bitterness, metallic off-notes, lingering effect, and plant proteins like beany, earthy, and cardboard.

Springer® Mask 101 allows manufacturers to improve nutritional profile without compromising taste.

Above all, consumers expect naturalness and nutritional improvement.  Sugar reduction and plant-based foods and beverages are major market drivers. Meanwhile, taste remains a very important factor for consumers before making a purchase. To meet these demands, food manufacturers use sweeteners and plant proteins that can create aftertastes and affect the final taste of the products. This problem is now solved with Springer® Mask 101. This new product helps them overcome this challenge and develop flavorful and indulgent foods as well as beverages.
«This new Biospringer ingredient is a great help for all food technologists to get rid of certain off-notes of sweeteners such as earthy, beany, metallic or persistent that are difficult to cover with flavors. Erasing them almost entirely helps to build a large and balanced aromatic profile, for the pleasure of the consumer.» Hélène Jolivet, Global Culinary Center Manager at Biospringer.

Springer® Mask 101, an innovation of natural origin and vegan-friendly.

Springer® Mask 101 is a fermentation-based ingredient. Its solubility properties, low dosage and transparency make it a perfect ingredient in sweet beverages, dairy products, plant-based analogues and other plant-based foods. In iced tea, the Springer® Mask 101 neutralizes the off-notes given by stevia or acesulfam K. In a soy-based milk or yogurt, it removes metallic, astringent and beany notes caused by soy or pea proteins.
«Springer® Mask 101 is a real innovation developed thanks to the unique expertise of our R&D team, and there is a patent pending. This natural ingredient has the advantage to mask efficiently undesirable notes without bringing any taste.” Hanane Lamjaj, Global Marketing Director at Biospringer.

Key figures

  • The plant-based protein market will be accelerating its growth at a CAGR close to 9% – Global Plant Based Protein Products Market 2019-2023, Technavio
  • Sugar is the most important criteria in nutrition labeling for 66% of global consumers – Mintel, 2018
  • Although sugar remains an important source of energy and pleasure, consumers are now aware of the risks associated with its over-consumption (53% choose foods that are low in sugar or sugar-free, and 48% choose soft drinks) – GlobalData’s Q3 2016 global consumer survey.

About Biospringer

Biospringer is a key player and global producer of natural flavor bases and flavor building blocks. It brings to food producers the most comprehensive yeast derived product range with yeast extracts, dried food yeasts, yeast-based flavors and more. With 8 productions plants, a commercial team across Europe, Middle East, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania, a worldwide Culinary Center network, a team of technologists and R&D, Biospringer brings taste and pleasure to customers.


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