Umami yeast extract

Umami, the taste of pleasure

In the 1980’s, a 5th taste was added to the list of the four common tastes of saltiness, sweetness, sourness and bitterness: umami. Umami describes a pleasant, mouth-filling and lingering taste and literally means “delicious taste” in Japanese. This distinctive taste is brought by a specific amino acid and nucleotides.

Often associated with Asian cuisine, umami is found in many other foods like parmesan cheese, dashi, mushroom or tomatoes.

Umami taste offers numerous benefits in food formulation, particularly flavor improvement and salt reduction, which is a challenge for food manufacturers. Umami compensates for the loss of saltiness and maintains the flavor intensity and attractiveness of low salt products.

With a natural content of nucleotides and amino acids, Springer® 2000 and Pronal 2000 are ranges of yeast extracts that are powerful in umami taste.

Biospringer Yeast extracts, rich in umami

Both Springer® 2000 and Pronal™ 2000 provide umami and typical savory flavors that will highlight and strengthen flavors to improve taste profiles of foods and beverages:

  • Springer® 2000 provides powerful umami taste that strengthens the overall profile and can be beneficial in salt reduction. It is also available in organic version.
  • Pronal™ 2000 yeast extracts are used to improve taste in processed meats or vegetable applications and can be beneficial in salt reduction.



These nucleotide-rich yeast extracts work well on their own or in synergy with other Biospringer products.


Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to guarantee high quality standards, allowing  Springer® 2000 and Pronal™ 2000 to offer various additional benefits:

And also specific to the United States:

certified yeast

*NON-GMO certifications are available on several of the products in this range


100% water soluble and process resistant, Springer® 2000 and Pronal™ 2000 are suitable for all types and forms of applications.


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