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flavor base

Flavor Base, foundations of Taste


Taste experts commonly represent taste as a pyramid made of 3 main building blocks: the flavor base or base notes, specific flavor notes and finally, the top notes.


The flavor base acts as a foundation to provide the overall taste profile. They act synergistically with other tastes and notes to help round-off and balance overall taste to make it unique.


Biospringer offers three ranges of flavor base yeast extracts:  Springer® Standard, Springer® 1000 and Pronal™.

Biospringer Flavor Base Yeast Extracts, rich building blocks

flavor based

The subtle savory taste and richness make these flavor base yeast extracts, Springer® Standard, Springer® 1000, Pronal™, efficient base-note ingredients in food and beverage applications:


  • Springer® standards will reveal subtle savory profiles. It gives a well-rounded flavor and balances the overall taste of meat, vegan and snack products.
  • Springer®1000 brings additional richness and body. It improves the taste profile and mouthfeel, which is perfect in meat products, vegan products and snacks.
  • Pronal, offering subtle savory notes, reveals bouillon, meaty and mushroom notes. It gives a well-rounded flavor and balances the overall taste. Pronal™ works perfectly in savory application, particularly in meat products, sauces and soups.

Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to guarantee high quality standards, allowing Springer® Standard, Springer® 1000 and Pronal™ to offer various additional benefits:

And also specific to the United States:

certified yeast

*NON-GMO certifications are available on several of the products in this range


Allergen-Free, 100% water soluble and process resistant, Springer® Standard, Springer® 1000, Pronal™ are suitable for all types and forms of applications


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