Dried yeast

Dried yeast: a flavor base ingredient
with interesting functional properties

Dried yeast and yeast extract come from the same living organism, yeast, but have different structural properties. Unlike yeast extract, dried yeast still has part of its cell membrane, giving specific flavor and functional properties.

The composition and subtle notes, from nutty to toasted make dried yeasts an efficient aromatic carrier for aromatic blends. They are widely used for snack and meat seasonings.

Biospringer provides two dried yeast ranges:

Biospringer dried yeast for
organoleptic and functional benefits

  • Springaline®, inactive dried yeasts, provides delicate toasted, cereal and nutty notes and is an efficient carrier for seasonings. Also available in an organic version, Springaline® is ideal for snack seasonings, meat products and vegetarian foods.


  • Springalys ®, a range of partially autolyzed dried yeast, offers toasted flavor notes. Also, an efficient aromatic carrier, it is perfectly suited for dry seasoning blends for snacks, breadings and coatings.
dried yeast

Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to guarantee high quality standards, allowing Springaline® and Springalys®, to offer various additional benefits:

And also specific to the United States:

certified yeast

*NON-GMO certifications are available on several of the products in this range


Allergen-free and process resistant, Springaline® and Springalys® ranges are suitable in many types and forms of applications.


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