Innovation in the plant-based proteins sector in Asia

Innovation in the plant-based proteins sector in Asia

Last April, our experts from Asia Pacific Hugo Leclercq, APAC Innovation and Business Development Director, Vicky Tio, Senior Food Technologist & Pankaj Sharma, Technical sales Manager presented their analysis of the plant-based proteins’ market in Asia, and more specifically of its potential in India. They shared a complete presentation about meat substitutes, dairy analogs & focused on the plant-based beverages. Watch the webinar here.

Plant-based proteins with great taste

The main plant-based proteins used worldwide are soy, wheat & beans. We find them in products such as meat & dairy alternatives, which are very popular among flexitarians, vegetarians & vegans. All of them are interested in meat alternatives. India is the country with the biggest number of vegetarians worldwide, they represent 38% of the population, mainly for religious reasons.1

The meat alternatives’ market is expanding, and consumers are looking for natural products, with a high level of proteins content, that taste like meat. There are many solutions on the market, but all of them face the same challenge: they often have off-notes & a lack of umami.

The dairy analogues trend in Asia

The most recognizable dairy products on the market remain milk, cheese & ice cream. Their main sources of plant-based alternatives in India are almond & soy.2

In a vegan cheese application, for example, yeast extract imparts cheesy flavored profile, it gives rounded mouthfeel, enriches creaminess & exhibits long-lasting cheesy profile.

Focus on the plant-based beverages in Asia

In Asia Pacific, the main flavor trends in dairy free drinks are unflavored, cocoa, peach & coconut. However, taste is not the only part to consider as explains Hugo Leclercq : “Brands should focus on functional benefits to differentiate themselves.” Our yeast-based ingredients can bring many benefits such as mask off-notes, improve taste & reduce salt, sugar & fat.

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