Springer® 1000

Springer® 1000,
savory base notes

Springer® 1000 is a range of flavor base yeast extracts. Springer® 1000 balances and intensifies the overall taste which  makes it a perfect base note.


Characterized by its savory notes Springer® 1000 brings richness and body to various product applications, including processed meats, snack & seasonings and vegan & vegetarian products.

Valuable in many food applications

Springer® 1000 :

  • In a chicken noodle soup, strengthens the savory flavor
  • In a savory cracker, intensifies baked notes
  • In a cheese sauce, adds aged cheese notes
  • And many more. To discover more applications

Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to guarantee high quality standards, allowing Springer® 1000™ to offer various additional benefits:


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