an efficient flavor carrier for flavors and seasonings

Springalys® is a range of dried autolyzed yeasts. Through its specific composition, Springalys® is an efficient flavor carrier for flavor blends, seasonings and coatings.   


Springalys® also provides savory base notes allowing to improve taste profiles in various food and beverage applications.

Valuable in many food applications

Springalys® :

  • In a hamburger, brings toasted flavor notes and improves the texture
  • In a barbecue chip seasoning, intensifies meaty, savory notes
  • In a sweet and smoky meat rub, rounds and increases overall flavor.
  • And many more. To discover more applications

Benefits beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to high quality standards allowing Springalys® to offer various additional product benefits:

  • Natural origin ingredient
  • Clean label
  • Allergen free
  • Gluten-free

Process resistant, Springalys® range is suitable for all types and forms of applications. Available in powder form and flakes.


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