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Flavor bases yeast extract

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Biospringer offers three ranges of flavor base yeast extracts: Springer® Standard, Springer® 1000 and Pronal™.


Umami yeast extract

The taste of pleasure

Umami taste offers numerous benefits in food formulation, particularly flavor improvement and salt reduction, a challenge for food manufacturers.

Kokumi yeast extract

A new discovery

Kokumi was first discovered in Japan in 1989 and expresses the concept of “deliciousness”. Kokumi is defined as the combination of mouthfulness, long-lasting sensation and harmony in taste

dried yeasts

Dried yeast

a flavor base ingredient with interesting functional properties

The composition and subtle notes, from nutty to toasted make dried yeasts an efficient aromatic carrier for aromatic blends and are widely used for snacking and meat seasonings.

yeast based flavour

Yeast based flavor

Specific notes, taste identity

Discover Biospringer yeast based specific flavor notes, Springarom®, offering specific and unique notes to design flavorful food and beverage applications.

organic yeast

Organic yeast ingredients

The taste of pleasure

Biospringer offers organic yeast based solutions developed according the specifications of the European regulation.


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