Dairy products

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The dairy segment faces various challenges: the need to develop low-salt but flavorful profiles, low-fat but creamy textures, diminish plant proteins off notes in vegan formulas.


Springer® Standard will bring complexity to a chocolate or vanilla flavored dairy product.

Springer® 2000 and Pronal® 2000 will intensify the flavors and taste, such as saltiness or mature cheese flavors. Springer® 4000 will strengthen the creaminess sensation, and contribute to fat reduction. In processed cheese, Springarom® will add specific flavor notes.


Biospringer ranges have proven to be efficient in a great variety of recipes: vanilla flavored custard, processed cheese, and many more.

Dairy products

  • Cream Cheese, processed Cheese,
  • Yogurt & curds
  • Flavored milks
  • Dairy alternatives: plant based yogurts & drinks

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